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25 Pictures found containing the word "Chahine" in Gallery. ...
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23 Entries found containing the word "Chahine" in Address Book. ...
3. Chahine Family Tree
(Chahine Family/Chahine Family Tree)
Chahine Family Tree You are welcome to provide updates, corrections, photos or any other feedback to Himkmat Semaan select rec from jos_res_tags where catid=175 ...
... all the villagers were left dark without electricity" he said. His best friends in grade school were Adel Chahine, and Michael Chahine (Shaheen), and they played together all summer long. Abdallah ...
5. Kaftoun Voters Registry 2009
(Kaftoun/Voters Registry)
... Wakeem, Zakarouf 67 Fares Fares, Ballard, Sarofim, Sarraf 53 Daher Daher, Jarjurah 39 Chahine Chahine,Bashour,Malik 21 Sawda Sawda 13  ...
6. Kaftoun Church Hall Reconstruction
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
... Chahine $10,000 Gerard Sonal $500   Also, I was informed by our Kaftoun families in Boston that a fundrasing event (Hafle) will be held on April 26 in Boston. I would like ...
Helene, a daughter to Mansour Chahine Chahine and Christine Karam, was born the year 1894 in Kaftoun during the period of the harsh Ottoman rule of Abdul Hamid II (1876-1909). This was a period generally ...
8. Raja Chahine
(Contact / Contacts)
Raja Chahine, ,  ...
9. Michael F Chahine
(Contact / Contacts)
Michael F Chahine, ,  ...
10. Chahine Family Tree
11. Chahine Family
12. Readers' Letters
First, It's really a nice website, which we can keep in touch and communicate together . to whom it may interest we have: Land for sale in Kaftoun, Near Georges Chahine's house, Nice view, 1116 m2. Name ...
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