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Nothing found matching the word "Christianity" in Gallery. ...
(Address Book)
Nothing found matching the word "Christianity" in Address Book. ...
3. Origin of the Semaan Family
(Semaan Family/Articles)
... assumed that the Ghassanids adopted the religion of Christianity. The capital was at Jabiyah in the Golan Heights. Geographically, it occupied much of Syria, Mount Hermon, Jordan and Israel, and its authority ...
4. Bishop George Khodr - Visions (Arabic)
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
لقـطات ورؤى بقلم المطران جورج خضر  ...
5. Discourse On the Nativity of Christ
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
Brethren, we behold now a great and wondrous mystery. Shepherds with cries of joy come forth as messengers to the sons of mankind, not on their hilly pastures with their flocks conversing and not in the ...
6. Sex Outside Marriage - A Biblical View
(Kaftoun/General Articles)
Nowhere has Christian morality come under greater attack than in the whole area of sex outside marriage. The Biblical teaching that sex is only for marriage does not even enter the thinking of most ...
... the Americans will not be swayed by attack. The power behind their opinions is as strong as the power behind the opinions of the North Vietnamese. Where communism and capitalism clashed in Vietnam, Christianity ...
... early Christianity. Here is a Church with a great and wonderful Orthodox witness in its saints; St. John Chrysostom, St. John of Damascus, St. Thekla to name a few. Here is a Church that welcomed us ...
9. The Arab Bridge
(Kaftoun/General Articles)
... recognized that they needed to understand the philosophically based, and heavily Greek-influenced, theology of Christianity. To understand Christianity, they felt they needed to understand and assimilate ...
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