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660 Pictures found containing any of the words "jay fares" in Gallery. ...
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3. Jay's Workout Routines for Runners 2013
(Health and Fitness/Running)
img.a2012 Jay's Workout Routines for Runners in 2013 50 Crunches 15 push ups 1 min plank   30 secs side plank each side 1 min bridge  ...
4. Running Into My Father - October 29, 2012
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... - my arms and legs barely moving. I was greatly leaning forward and about to fall off when a voice in the room calls me: "Jayman" . I quickly gained my composure and tried to ascertain where the voice ...
5. Taco Seasoning Recipe
(Recipes/Spices and Rubs)
... for moisture. Submitted by: Jay Fares - Feb 26 2012 02:55:45  ...
6. Friday Morning Run - February 3, 2012
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... over fears of Islam Data for this Friday morning run is at the URL: Comments: Michael L Hanley - Beautiful story Jay. Very enjoyable to read. Only one ...
7. Friday Morning 10 Miles Run - January 27, 2012
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... slower! Lorna Bradford - Power Bar Energy Gel would help at the halfway point ($1 a pop from Amazon). Mark Richard Kennedy - Hi Jay! You're still relatively new to running. You'll build strength ...
8. Friday Morning Run - December 16, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... 16:09, a very respectable time for someone who is a casual runner. As for me, just before reaching the finish line I could hear the loud shouts of "Jayman" from the group members gathered around. This ...
9. Friday Morning Run - December 9, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
...  Fri Dec 9 – Ran with Tanner, Mike and George. Goerge and I completed 6 mile, although George is suffering from an injury. He pushed me so hard, I felt that he was St George slaying the JAYMAN dragon. ...
10. Tour Of Dhahran November 24 - 30, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... and ends on Wednesday with Sunday being a rest day. Since it first started in 1987, only 304 athletes were able to finish it. Not bad for the JAYMAN to be one of these three-hundred and four! Thank you ...
11. Friday Morning Run - November 18, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
...  Carlito Catapang Comments: Eduardo Portento - well done improve a lot... keep it up.. Raymond Krygsman - Excellent! Brett Jones - Bravo Jay! - that TOD 12miler is a tough ...
12. Thursday Morning Desert Run - November 17, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
...  Data for this run is at the URL: Comments: Robbie Mashiter - Good Job Jay, I have not stopped just been sick this week. HOpe to be back at it next ...
13. Lebanon - Run Kaftoun-Mejdel-Jouz River, November 9, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
...  Comments: Ian Wilson - You can take me on these runs one day! November 9 at 10:53am Jay Fares - Coach - you are always welcome as our special honored guest! November 9 at 10:54am Jamal ...
14. Lebanon - Run from Kaftoun uphill to Mejdel el Koura - November 8, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... for this run is at the URL: Comments: Jay Fares - Also, we received our virgin cold-pressed olive oil harvest from our olive grove just before the Eid, ...
15. Friday Morning Five Miles Race - October 28, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... is reward enough, well done indeed. Your 5 miler was well ran, sub 60 minutes, well done indeed. Tracy Olckers - Well done Jayman. You are an inspiration to us all. Never give up, never surrender! ...
16. Friday 3K Road Race - October 7, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... feedback from the CS Wellness Running Blog Michael Hulver - Let me note an AMAZING improvement. In Feb 2011, Jay Fares ran a 3k road race in 24:52. Today he finished in 18:40! A 12% performance increase! ...
17. The Great Friday Morning Run - Sept 30, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... group. So I was already primed for this run. I did not at first think that I could complete the run, but the Jayman in me forced me to finish. A total of 6.46 mi in 1:30:25. While running, I was extremely ...
18. Are you are your best worst enemy? - July 15, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... the group all the way to Ruba Al Khali water fountain. He is competitive and he pushed hard to keep up - I think especially to prove to the Jay-man that he still got it. This morning after I showered ...
19. Jay's Friday Morning Running Blog
(Health and Fitness/Running)
20. End Of Season Celebration - Bahrain, June 23, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... photos in 1600px size. EOS_Bahrain_2011-06-23 Photos by Jay Fares, Jun 23, 2011 - EOS Celibration at Deplomat Hotel in Bahrain - June 23, 2011    ...
21. Michael Fares Music Videos
(Videos/Michael Fares Music)
Michael Fares Music Videos This section contains music videos by Michael Fares SELECT rec FROM jos_jvideo_collection_vu WHERE catid=208 and published=1 order by ordering desc   ...
22. Interviews with Kaftoun Inhabitants
(Videos/People Interviews)
Interviews with Kaftoun Inhabitants This section contains video interviews with select Kaftoun inhabitants. Daad Fares Khalil Fares - March 11, 2013 SELECT rec as rec FROM jos_jvideo_collection_vu ...
23. Jay's Kettlebell Workout
(Health and Fitness/Kettlebell Workout Routines)
Kettlebell Workout Routine KKettlebells originated in Russia, and were originally used as counterweights for Russian farm equipment. They were quickly adopted as the preferred method of fitness ...
Recipes Index Desc|Fasoulia b'lahem يخنة الفاصوليا مع اللحم or simply فاصوليا ...
25. A Trail Of Promise
... gorges and sweeping across plains to the southern town of Marjayoun. The LMT is the brainchild of Joseph Karam, who says he was inspired by childhood walks with his father near ...
26. Let me tell you about my Dad…
(Fares Family/Articles)
Let me tell you about my Dad… Dad's name was Mikhael Fares and he died one year ago today – November 11, 2008. He was born on October 1, 1924 to Elias Nakhoul Fares from Kaftoun and Marta Zeaiter ...
27. Fasoulia Bzait
... on the side. Refrigerate the rest of the beans and enjoy all week long. Also you could serve on top of fried eggs on toast for breakfast for a hearty meal. Submitted by: Jay Fares - Jul 09 2009 ...
28. Fares Family Tree
(Fares Family/Fares Family Tree)
Fares Family Tree select rec from jos_res_tags where catid=165 order by cat_title, min_date desc
He was born the year 1932 in his father's typical stone village house with mud roof in Kaftoun. His house consisted of two large rooms for sleeping and living, a cooking and baking area, an outhouse, ...
30. Kaftoun Voters Registry 2009
(Kaftoun/Voters Registry)
Kaftoun Registry of Eligible Voters, 2009 - القوائم الإنتخابية select rec from jos_res_tags where catid=167 order by cat_title, min_date Kaftoun Families - Number of Eligible Voters, ...
31. Michael Fares - April 28, 2009
(News/Kaftounies in the News)
Michael Fares Honored for Academic Excellence William and Mary Alumni Association April 28, 2009 Michael Fares was one of 19 Students Honored for Academic Excellence by the ...
32. My Dad
(Fares Family/Articles)
Beautiful Dad Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 1:53pm I I want to talk about my dad. It is hard for me to talk about him to "real" people; I hate to feel weak and emotional - it tarnishes ...
33. Ghadi Shayban - April 20, 2009
(News/Kaftounies in the News)
Ghadi Shayban, Son of Fouad Shayban and Raghida Fares of Kaftoun is described by Charleston City Paper as "one of Charleston's most brilliant young pianists". Ghadi is now pianist with the Charleston ...
34. Mekhael Elias Fares Daily Journal
(Fares Family/Mekhael Elias Fares Daily Journal)
Selections (in Arabic) from the Daily Journal of Mekhael Elias Fares. Mekhael Elias Fares Daily Journal window.addEvent('domready', function() { new eip($$('p.editable','span.editable'), ...
35. Kaftoun Church Hall Reconstruction
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege -- John D. Rockefeller Jr. Hall Construction Update - Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 11:53 AM The Church Hall construction is almost complete ...
36. Letters to Jihad
(Fares Family/Mekhael and Fadwa Letters to Jihad)
This section contains a collection of letters (in Arabic) from a father and mother to their son and his family who were living away from them. Letters to Jihad window.addEvent('domready', ...
37. Jay's Gym Workout Routine
(Health and Fitness/Gym Workout Routines)
Gym Workout Routine Stretching Routine
38. Jay's Workout Routine
(Health and Fitness/Home Workout Routines)
Home Workout Routine Gym Workout Routine Stretching Routine
Jay Calculator (mod_jcalc) - Joomla 1.5 A module that displays a simple scientific javascript-based calculator.  ...
Terrorism, like communism was for so many years, is now the key threat facing America. Because America now finds itself confronted with this different and never before experienced enemy of terrorism, ...
41. Shish Taouk
Recipes Index Desc|Shish Taouk شيش طاووق - Traditional Lebanese boneless chicken kabab (brochette) with special spices usually on BBQ but sometimes ...
42. Is The Iraq War Unjust?
(Kaftoun/General Articles)
In her pre-Iraq War book Just War Against Terror, Jean Bethke Elshtain explores the concept of a "just war" and what it means for America to fight a just war against terrorism. Whilst advocating the Afghan ...
Helene, a daughter to Mansour Chahine Chahine and Christine Karam, was born the year 1894 in Kaftoun during the period of the harsh Ottoman rule of Abdul Hamid II (1876-1909). This was a period generally ...
By the edge of Kaftoun you turn right towards the Walnut River (Nahr el Jaouz) valley; on your right a vast expanse of olive groves and on your left the el Majdel Mountain dressed in its majestic green ...
45. The Land with Two Names
(Kaftoun/General Articles)
Every day more lives are lost in the country some call Israel and some call Palestine. Israeli gunfire kills Palestinians everyday, many of whom are small children or young teenagers who still have their ...
46. Daad & Farid Karam Reserve
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
On the 3rd of August 2009, the the University of Balamand and the town of Kaftoun celebrated the opening of the "Daad and Farid Karam Reserve", donated to the university by Dr. Farid Karam. Dr Karam ...
47. Welcome to the Village of Kaftoun!
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
Kaftoun is a small Lebanese village located along the north bank of the Nahr el Jaouz (Walnut River), in the District of [[Koura|El-Koura]], North Lebanon [Kaftoun satellite map]. The houses of Kaftoun ...
48. Id Saideh
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
It was an evening like no other. Time for the seven year old boy stood still as he played with his friends at the Malaab [the playing field]. It was the evening of August 14, and all his friends would ...
49. Dr. Rim Khalil Fares
Congratulations! Dr. Rim Khalil Fares, doctor of the entire observable Universe!    تهانينا الحارة
Dr. Tarek Fares interviewed by MTV program CLINIC. Clinic is a daily medial magazine that sheds light on new medical conditions. An medical expert in every field is hosted to explain the reasons ...
51. Jay Fares (Publisher)
(Contact / Contacts)
Jay Fares (Publisher), ,  ...
52. Jay's Arabia Blog Selections
(News Feeds / Blogs) ...
53. Jay's Blog Selections
(News Feeds / Blogs) ...
54. Julia Fares Dies
Dear Uncle Adnan, Zena, Ziad and Samo, Hannah and Yasser and also to Aunty Nahlah Fares I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Beautiul Aunty Julia. I am sure this must be a difficult time for you all. ...
55. Julia Fares Dies
PASSING OF MY SISTER JULIA I can't believe I lost my only sister. It just breaks my heart that I wasn't there to share her last moments. But at least I was able to talk to her on the phone lately. Her ...
56. Julia Fares Dies
Passing of my beloved Umteh Julia There are no words that I can express to say just how much you meant to me and to all of us. You were like an Angel here on earth, and now you are in the arms of our Father ...
57. Julia Fares Dies
Dear Diana and the kids Dear Hind, Oumaima, Naeema and the whole extended family Allah yirhamak ya Hanna! too early and too sudden. I really do not know what to say - ya reit kalam makes a difference. ...
سيدي البطريرك يا من قرّبت قيم السماء لتنثرها فوق هذه الأرض يا من جعلت التلال صروحا لغذاء العقل والروح يا من حمل في يده وفي قلبه غصن زيتون ..وجعل حكمته صمّام أمان في شرق متعطّش للإستقرار أسكنك الله فسيح ...
Our heartfelt condolences to the family, to Kaftoun, to the Lebanese Army and to our beloved homeland. May the memories of a life – although short – well lived in dignity and ended in bravery in defence ...
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