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Beirut, Lebanon
Local Time: 11:48
Report: 08:00 UTC
mostly cloudy
Feels like: 15°C
Dew Point: 8°C
Humidity: 59%
Wind: S at 11,
gusting to
30 km/h
Visibility: 8 km
Barometer: 1014 hPa
(29.94 in Hg)
Condition light rain
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4 Pictures found containing any of the words "khalil" in Gallery. Nothing found matching any of the words "hawi" in Gallery. ...
(Address Book)
Nothing found matching any of the words "khalil hawi" in Address Book. ...
3. Friday Morning Run - November 18, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... documentary about him. I am also fan of your posts.... Keep running. Mark. Maysaa Khalil - Wowowow jay , good job!!! I run 6 miles and I can barley walk . Carie Rico - Congratulations ...
4. Lebanon - Run from Kaftoun uphill to Mejdel el Koura - November 8, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... so if I am 5lb heavier coach you would know why. I have been sampling it with mountain (Sajj) bread. It is as addictive as running! Ha ha ha.. November 8 at 3:06pm. Maysaa Khalil - Enjoy Lebanon ...
5. Interviews with Kaftoun Inhabitants
(Videos/People Interviews)
Interviews with Kaftoun Inhabitants This section contains video interviews with select Kaftoun inhabitants. Daad Fares Khalil Fares - March 11, 2013 SELECT rec as rec FROM jos_jvideo_collection_vu ...
6. Kaftoun Church Hall Reconstruction
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
... very well. It is now at the finishing stages. The new donations are: Genevieve Khalil Fares $350 USD Thank you all for your support and God bless you and your families!  ...
7. Museums
... jewelry and rare precious stones. Gibran Khalil Gibran Museum Bcharre, (06) 671137, Open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (summer); from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Monday ...
(Middle East Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 7, 1995) Khalil was born in I919 in Shwayr', Lebanon. The files at the American University of Beirut indicate 1925 as his birth date. In the 'Arab Studies' magazine, ...
9. Dr. Rim Khalil Fares
Congratulations! Dr. Rim Khalil Fares, doctor of the entire observable Universe!    تهانينا الحارة  ...
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