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Nothing found matching the word "Muslim" in Gallery. ...
(Address Book)
Nothing found matching the word "Muslim" in Address Book. ...
... one of the booming nightlife spots in Beirut, it might be useful to know that there are two Mar Mikhael’s – one of the Christian side, and one in the southern suburbs. If you come from the Muslim ...
4. Friday Morning Run - February 3, 2012
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... school district has canceled Arabic classes after complaints from parents about Islam. Apparently, parents were afraid that if their children learn Arabic they will become Muslim. I posted the news on ...
... become the trade center site, while the Islamic center would be to the north. And Muslims, chiefly from Palestine, made up perhaps 5 percent of its population. The Syrians and Lebanese in the neighborhood ...
7. A Trail Of Promise
... of the tallest peak in Lebanon, 3083-meter (9900') Qurnat al-Sawda. For five days we hiked through rugged, breathtaking scenery, and each evening we stayed with a Muslim family that received ...
... indigenous Christian communities - Byzantine Orthodox (Melkite), Maronite and Syrian Orthodox - and witness of the prosperity of the local Christians and interaction with their Muslim and Latin neighbors. ...
9. Origin of the Semaan Family
(Semaan Family/Articles)
Origin of the Semaan Family Source: Wikipedia online encyclopedia Extracts Many Christian as well as Muslim families of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine trace their roots to the Ghassanid ...
10. Videos: The Occupation of Palestine
(Palestine/Palestine General)
... terrorizing the indigenous Arab population from Christians and Muslims and forced exiled the majority of them to neighboring Arab countries. They occupied their homes and confiscated their land and property ...
11. Iraq and Vietnam Wars - Comparative Analysis
(Kaftoun/General Articles)
... of US forces from Iraq. The American's propagandist, Ahmed Chalabi, said that Americans would leave Iraq in "a matter of weeks rather than months." One year later, Sunnis and other Muslims in Iraq unified ...
... saturating virtually every foreign country with American brand names like McDonalds, I-pod, or Nike. Barber claims that such uniform global capitalism threatens the culture and way of life of Muslim societies ...
13. The Arab Bridge
(Kaftoun/General Articles)
... Emeritus of Semitic Literature at Princeton, wrote the above words over thirty years ago as he sought to illuminate the role Arab/Muslim civilization played in the development of the modern world. Hitti's ...
... for Muslims and Christians alike. He always emphasized love over hate. His loss is leaving a gap in the heart of every Lebanese who listened to his sermons or followed his direction. Our hearts are saddened ...
15. The Arab Bridge
The author's aim is to present a different perspective of falsafah (as it is received by Muslims and assimilated within Iranian culture), while maintaining a sense that captures the texture of everyday ...
16. The Arab Bridge
How Early Muslim Scholars Assimilated Aristotle and Made Iran the intellectual Center of the Islamic World: A Study of Falsafah ...
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