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Beirut, Lebanon
Local Time: 00:37
Report: 22:00 UTC
scattered clouds
Feels like: 10°C
Dew Point: 4°C
Humidity: 58%
Wind: SSE at 15 km/h
Visibility: 10 km
Barometer: 1021 hPa
(30.15 in Hg)
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(Address Book)
1 Entry found containing the word "Theotokos" in Address Book. ...
... unaware of your purpose, savoring every moment, oblivious of what lies ahead. But then, suddenly, there it is! The Greek Orthodox Theotokos Monastery, nestled by the river's edge, a jewel of spirituality! ...
4. Kaftoun Churchs
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
The Theotokos Monastery, Kaftoun, Archdiocese of Mount Lebanon This historic monastery, located just 10 km to the east of Botrys district, in Lebanon, houses one of the most important Byzantine icons ...
... is a description of Saydnaya from Balamand's web site guide to :- "The convent rises above the town like a veritable fortress and is dedicated to the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos. One ...
6. Welcome to the Village of Kaftoun!
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
... after the domed Theotokos Monastery which is carved in the red rock cliffs by the banks of the Jaouz River. Kaftoun and its surroundings are steeped in history. This can be evidenced from the names ...
7. Id Saideh
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
It was an evening like no other. Time for the seven year old boy stood still as he played with his friends at the Malaab [the playing field]. It was the evening of August 14, and all his friends would ...
this makes me really want to go and visit The Kaftoun Theotokos Monastery! thanks for sharing ...
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