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He was born the year 1932 in his father's typical stone village house with mud roof in Kaftoun. His house consisted of two large rooms for sleeping and living, a cooking and baking area, an outhouse, ...
... believe these frescoes were in such a condition. They were coming from Syria, Turkey, Egypt. All these countries have policies of preserving frescoes and churches but in Lebanon nothing was done. This ...
... photo by Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve, photos by Ashraf Khunduqji Even though such cedars can be found in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Cyprus, overall forest volume has been greatly ...
Helene, a daughter to Mansour Chahine Chahine and Christine Karam, was born the year 1894 in Kaftoun during the period of the harsh Ottoman rule of Abdul Hamid II (1876-1909). This was a period generally ...
... in the churches of Turkey dating from the same era. Bilateral icons, such as this one, were sometimes carried in procession, but most of the time had their place in the inner sanctum of the church. A face ...
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