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3. Church Frescoes in Lebanon
This article in Arabic highlights the varied church frescoes in Lebanon including those of the Basilica of Saint Sergius and Bacchus (Mar-Sarkis) in Kaftoun. It was first published in MEA's ...
... no one has a definitive claim on any part of town, and history can turn up some unexpected people in surprising places. (The Abyssinian Baptist Church, for instance, was once on Waverly Place.) Washington ...
5. Kaftoun Mar Sarkis Church Restoration
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
Kaftoun Mar Sarkis Church Restoration select rec from jos_res_tags where catid=199 order by cat_title, min_date  ...
An impressive quantity of churches decorated with medieval wall paintings have been discovered in the mountainous regions of North Lebanon and Western Syria. Today over thirty sites with murals, ...
7. Learning the Alphabet
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
... more gracefully than I imagine, was a prayer book of sorts, filled with hand-written Arabic versions of the psalms and prayers necessary for services at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Vicksburg, ...
... the Eastern Orthodox Churches on Easter or after Memorial Services in remembrance of the dead and Resurrection. The rest of the wheat would be drained and placed on white sheets or straw mats on ...
9. Ghadi Shayban - April 20, 2009
(News/Kaftounies in the News)
...  Friday evening's recital at First Baptist Church showcased the stunning bassoon playing of CSO Principal Christopher B. Sales. His accomplished collaborator at the piano was Ghadi Shayban: the CSO's ...
... says historian Ray Mouawad, gingerly turning the pages of a doorstop-sized photography book documenting medieval churches in Lebanon. Mouawad is particularly interested in the wall paintings that adorn ...
11. Kaftoun Church Hall Reconstruction
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege -- John D. Rockefeller Jr. Hall Construction Update - Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 11:53 AM The Church Hall construction is almost complete ...
...  (image credit: Julien Harneis) Even the churches retain a distinct feel of a castle: St. Paul's church in Harisa, facing Jounieh Bay: (photos by Asaad Saleh and Joerg Muehlbacher) ...
13. Bishop George Khodr - Visions (Arabic)
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
لقـطات ورؤى بقلم المطران جورج خضر  ...
14. Discourse On the Nativity of Christ
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
Brethren, we behold now a great and wondrous mystery. Shepherds with cries of joy come forth as messengers to the sons of mankind, not on their hilly pastures with their flocks conversing and not in the ...
15. Sex Outside Marriage - A Biblical View
(Kaftoun/General Articles)
...  Sexual laxness was pervasive in the Greco-Roman world of New Testament times. Hence, one of the conditions the Jerusalem council made for the inclusion of the Gentiles in the Christian Church was ...
... in the churches of Turkey dating from the same era. Bilateral icons, such as this one, were sometimes carried in procession, but most of the time had their place in the inner sanctum of the church. A face ...
17. Kaftoun Churchs
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
... During the Lebanese war (1975-1992) the icon was stolen twice and recovered back. It's currently exposed back for veneration at the monastery's church in a special way exposing both written sides.  ...
Reprinted courtesy of Revd Fr Gregory Hallam St. Aidan's Orthodox Church, Antiochian Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland The little voice in my heart saying "Go to Syria and ...
19. The Arab Bridge
(Kaftoun/General Articles)
... Moslem philosophers, the famed Italian poet did not consign them to the inferno, as he was bound to do by the teaching of his church, but to the border region termed limbo." al-Hafeez - The ...
20. Welcome to the Village of Kaftoun!
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
... armies. Many Eastern Christians still continue to revere them as their special patron saints. Their feast day is October 7th. The old Mar Sarkis Church by the banks of the Jaouz River, which is presently ...
21. My first visit to Kaftoun!
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
... incredible, especially in winter when they are snow-covered. A great form of exercise is the hike down to the Walnut River, where a beautiful church and monastery are built right into the limestone cliff. ...
Hanna Elias Sarkis One Year Memorial Service There will be a memorial service at 10:00 am on Sunday July 1, 2012 at Kaftoun's St. Phokas Church. ولكم من بعده طول البقاء  ...
... 3 at 10 a.m., at the National Evangelical Church, Riad El-Solh. A funeral service will follow at 11 a.m. on the same day. Ahmad Dallal Provost American University of Beirut Professor ...
Hanna Elias Sarkis 40th Memorial Service There will be a memorial service at 10:am on Sunday August 7, 2011 at Kaftoun's St. Phokas Church. ولكم من بعده طول البقاء  ...
25. Hayat Akkari Ferris Dies
... will be held on Wednesday June 22, 2011 at 11:00am at St. John's Episcopal Church with Rev. Robert Longbottom officiating. Burial will follow the service at Ogdensburg Cemetery. Calling hours will ...
26. Hanna Elias Sarkis Dies
...  Funeral Services will be held in the Kaftoun Mar Foka Church at 4:00 PM, June 3, 2011. Our sincere condolences! Click here to leave a condolence message...  ...
27. Elijah Georges Fayyad Dies
... asleep in the Lord the morning of March 11, 2011. Funeral services`will be held at 3:00 PM in St. Phokas Church, Kaftoun March 12, 2011. Condolences in church hall after the burial and on Sunday from ...
28. Mousa Sarkis Dies
... (home), or you can leave a comment on this website [here]. Funeral services will be held on Thursday July 29, 2010 at 5:00 pm in Mar Foka Church, Kaftoun. Our sincere condolences!  ...
29. Julia Fares Dies
... will be conducted at 5:00 pm on July 23, 2010 at Mar Foka Church We will miss you aunt Julia! Read More...  ...
30. Church Invitation
... (6) 931-242 (home), or by email at: Our sincere condolences!  ...
32. George Karam Dies
... We are all grieving and very saddened for his loss. Funeral Services will be held in the Kaftoun Mar Foka Church at 4:00 PM, May 15, 2010. Our sincere condolences!  ...
33. Jamileh Fares Sarkis Dies
... services will be conducted tomorrow in St. Foka Church at 5:00 pm. local time. The family can be contacted at +961 (6) 922-746. May her soul rest in peace. Our sincere condolences!  ...
34. Bassam Daher Dies
... Lord this afternoon February 17, 2010 at Al-Shamal Hospital after a short battle with bone cancer. Funeral services will be held at 3:30 PM, February 18, 2010 in Mar Foka Church, Kaftoun. Condolences will ...
35. Habbouba Semaan Dies
... Funeral services`will be held in the Mar Fouka Church in kaftoun February 17, 1010. Our sincere condolences!  ...
Kaftoun Church Hall Construction is almost complete! Special thanks to Fr. Bassam Nassif and Mayor Mike Fares for initiating and coordinating this project. Also thanks to engineers Aziz and George ...
37. Najwa Fares Georges - 40th
... prayer service at the Mar Fouka Church at 9:30 a.m. on February 14, 1010. Najwa you are our valentine!  ...
38. St. Maroun
... parts of the world, who belong to the Maronite Church which is an Eastern Church that remained in communion with the Bishop of Rome. The Maronite Church has a great deal of history in Kaftoun and the ...
39. Kaftoun SOS
...  December 6, 2009, the Kaftoun Church community had the opportunity to host forty children from the SOS Village, Kfarhay. The event was well attended and occurred on the feast of St. Nicolas. It ...
40. Archdiocese of Baghdad and Kuwait
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41. Church Articles
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