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Beirut, Lebanon
Local Time: 11:03
Report: 07:00 UTC
mostly cloudy
Feels like: 15°C
Dew Point: 8°C
Humidity: 59%
Wind: SSW at 15 km/h
Visibility: 10 km
Barometer: 1014 hPa
(29.94 in Hg)
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3. The Jouz River in Lebanon
This article highlights the varied features of the Jouz River, which passes in Kaftoun, and the villages of interest near on it's banks. It was first published in MEA's Cedar Wings magazine ...
... write “Talal Hotel, Ave Charles Helou, Beirut”. Without this little piece of insignificant information they won’t let you in. Taxi driver As you leave the airport there will be a whole bunch of ...
5. Friday Morning Run - November 18, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... L Hanley and Mischelle Rivera. I turned around and completed the other 6-miles on my own. It is amazing how much different the course feels when traversed in the reverse direction. The stretch by the parameter ...
6. Lebanon - Run Kaftoun-Mejdel-Jouz River, November 9, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
Lebanon - Run Kaftoun-Mejdel-Jouz River, November 9, 2011 Lebanon Morning Run - from Kaftoun to el Mejdel Mountain down to el-Jouz (Walnut) River and back to Kaftoun. Covered 5.90 mi in 1:21 minutes ...
7. Friday Morning Five Miles Race - October 28, 2011
(Health and Fitness/Friday Morning Running Blog)
... up there. Everyone had better watch out, there is more to come!!!!!! Mischelle Rivera - Well done Jay! Keep it up...    ...
8. Jay's Kettlebell Workout
(Health and Fitness/Kettlebell Workout Routines)
... Series V2, purchased from Kettlebell exercises utilize the momentum and inertia of the kettlebell in a natural real world motion with fluid movements to provide a combined strength ...
... and the Homeric curses of the truck-drivers on their way to the wharves,” Konrad Bercovici wrote in the 1924 book, “Around the World in New York,” with a nod toward the nearby Greek settlement ...
10. A Trail Of Promise
... us warmly, often with solar-heated hot water for showers, good food and comfortable beds. The biggest obstacles were steep terrain covered in pine trees, dense brush and frigid, knee-deep rivers. ...
11. Diego Rivera
(Art/Diego Rivera)
Diego Rivera Diego Rivera (1886-1957 ) was a world-famous Mexican painter, an active Communist, and husband of Frida Kahlo, 1929-1939 and 1940-1954 (her death). Rivera's large wall works in fresco ...
12. Let me tell you about my Dad…
(Fares Family/Articles)
... plant (down in the Jouz river valley) was blocked. It seems there was a building of sand in the pipes coming out at the bottom of the reservoir and the workers there tried everything they knew and still ...
13. Learning the Alphabet
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
... each week in a classroom at my high school alma mater. There are ten others in my class. A curious teenager. A young woman from Pakistan. The wife of my high school debate coach. A truck driver and an ...
... the house roof to dry in the sun before cracking it into burgul. The grain not used for [[burgul]] would be sent to one of the many mills dotting the Jouz River to be milled into bread flour. Any excess ...
... in Lebanon are made up chiefly of limestone, which makes them riddled with caves and underground rivers. Some 9 km of passages can be found in the Jeita Grotto; boat tours of the underground lake begin ...
16. Discourse On the Nativity of Christ
(Kaftoun/Church Articles)
... is come into Egypt and hath sown in it reverence for God, so that in casting off from the Egyptian soul its errors, they are made amicable unto God. The river waters concurred worthily to encompass His ...
... the beginning of the 19th century in Kfar Halda, a town in the district of Batroun on the Jaouz River between Kaftoun and Douma. After finishing his school studies at Douma, he joined the Syrian Protestant ...
By the edge of Kaftoun you turn right towards the Walnut River (Nahr el Jaouz) valley; on your right a vast expanse of olive groves and on your left the el Majdel Mountain dressed in its majestic green ...
19. Welcome to the Village of Kaftoun!
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
Kaftoun is a small Lebanese village located along the north bank of the Nahr el Jaouz (Walnut River), in the District of [[Koura|El-Koura]], North Lebanon [Kaftoun satellite map]. The houses of Kaftoun ...
20. Id Saideh
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
... they will be going on a picnic to the Monastery by Naher Al Jaouz where they can swim in the river. This is an opportunity for them to spend the money they have earned from [ta'fear]. Ta'fear is the activity ...
21. My first visit to Kaftoun!
(Kaftoun/Village Articles)
... incredible, especially in winter when they are snow-covered. A great form of exercise is the hike down to the Walnut River, where a beautiful church and monastery are built right into the limestone cliff. ...
22. Diego Rivera
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