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Beirut, Lebanon
Local Time: 01:39
Report: 23:00 UTC
scattered clouds
Feels like: 12°C
Dew Point: 2°C
Humidity: 42%
Wind: SSW at 37,
gusting to
57 km/h
Visibility: 10 km
Barometer: 1010 hPa
(29.83 in Hg)
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Coco Plant

Coco Plant

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Hits: 686
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Fruiting Quince Tree

Fruiting Quince Tree, October 2005

Hits: 689
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Red Poppy Flowers

Red Poppy Flowers [Mar 2005]

Hits: 832
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Fig Tree Graft

Newly Grafted Fig Tree [Mar 2005]

Hits: 783
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Pomes Flowers

Pomes Flowers [Mar 2005]

Hits: 744
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Pear Flowers

Pear Flowers [Mar 2005]

Hits: 749
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Lemon flowers

Lemon flowers being pollinated by a bee [Mar 2005]

Hits: 696
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Tangerine flowers

Tangerine flowers [Mar 2005]

Hits: 751
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Wild Rose

Rose of the wild Arabian variety used for rose-water essence [Mar 2005]

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Margaret flower patch

Margaret flower patch, Tony Sarkis House [Mar 2005]

Hits: 770
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Thorny Bush

Flowering wild thorny bush [Mar 2005]

Hits: 709
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Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly [Mar 2005]

Hits: 692
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Mar-Youssef [Mar 2005]

Hits: 743
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Pine Tree

Luiza's Wild Pine Tree [Aug 2004]

Hits: 785

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