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One Kettlebell Front Squat
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 02 October 2010 03:15

One Kettlebell Front Squat

One Kettlebell Front Squat

  1. Clean one kettlebell to your shoulder and take a stance that you find comfortable for your body type.
  2. As you squat down, push your butt out. Looking straight ahead at all times, squat as low as you can and pause at the bottom. Rise back up and repeat.
  3. Breathe in as you squat down and hold your breath as you stand up
  4. Look straight ahead at all times or look up, but do not look down.
  5. Flex your glutes and stomach as hard as possible before rising back up from the bottom position of the front squat.
  6. Press the kettlebell into your upper body to keep the kettlebell in place.


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