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Kettlebell High Pull
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 03 October 2010 04:36

Kettlebell High Pull

Kettlebell High Pull

  1. Swing the kettlebell back between your legs as if you are about swing or clean it.
  2. Drive the hips through and yank your elbow back above your shoulder with a 90 degree bend parallel to the floor. Use your upper back rather than your biceps. Visualize an elbow strike, not a curl.
  3. Powerfully synchronize the hip and back action.
  4. On the top of the pull the kettlebell should form an extension of your forearm rather than droop or flip up.
  5. Aggressively lean into the kettlebell the moment you are finishing the pull, drive your hips through, meet the kettlebell half way. You will get a more powerful back contraction, you will be better balanced, and you will learn another important snatch subtlety.
  6. Aim for making the kettlebell weightless momentarily; if you wanted to you could release the handle and grab it again without missing a beat.
  7. Hike pass the kettlebell back between your legs and repeat.
  8. Note: The kettlebell high pull is a fair bit more intense than the swing so it will get the heart rate way up and force the trainee into oxygen debt quite fast.

Last Updated on Sunday, 03 October 2010 04:54

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