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Kettlebell Squat-Press
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 07 October 2010 08:08

Kettlebell Squat-Press

Kettlebell Squat-Press

This exercise can be performed with either one or two kettlebells. If using two, clean them to your shoulders. If using one, rest the kettlebell on your chest with the handle facing your body. Make sure to wrap your thumbs around the handle to secure the weight.

  1. Stand over a kettlebell, your feet about shoulder width apart, your weight on your heels.
  2. Position yourself with either one kettlebell on your chest or one on each shoulder in a racked position.
  3. Look straight ahead, bend your knees, and then bend your hips, dropping into a deep squat.
  4. Press your feet into the floor, and explode out of the bottom position.
  5. When you are standing erect, follow through into the press.
  6. Pause and then lower the kettlebell(s) to the starting position.
  7. As soon as the weight makes contact with your body, drop into the next repetition.
  8. Note: Both the downward and upward phases should be performed smoothly in one nonstop motion. Also, as with most overhead exercises, press the kettlebells to full extension without allowing them to drift forward at the top.

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 October 2010 08:14

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