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I am Getting Old - Friday June 17, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 17 June 2011 04:45

I am Getting Old - Friday June 17, 2011

I started the Friday Morning Run with the group this morning and as usual was soon trailing behind. This time I decided to push myself a bit harder in order to maintain a constant distance with them. I was able to do so up the hill until Riyadh Blvd. At the water fountain by the intersection of Riyadh and Rolling Hills Blvd. I watched them split into two groups, and lost hope of ever catching up with them.

They went, and I pushed on my own. My mind started to wonder when all of a sudden, I heard faint, but accelerating, foot steps behind me. I could see from the corner of my eye a shadow of a man trailing behind. I thought it might be George as when I saw him at the steps this morning, he told me that he is still recovering from his fall last week and he will see If he could run this morning. I looked behind and was surprised to see that it was Mike. He caught up with me and we ran together at a bit faster pace then I usually do on my own. By the time we reached the water fountain at the entrance of the Golf Course trail, I was seriously wondering whether I could keep up with this guy. We stopped for some water, and as we turned to go, Julia appeared panting. She apparently has been trying to catch up with us for some time. She told us that she is suffering from a leg injury and that she will be taking it easy. We waited for her to have some water and we continued together on our way picking up the pace even a little bit more. My heart rate was reaching 160. While I was busy breathing, these two were chatting! The running seamed effortless to them! Mike had told me earlier that he had a hip replacement a few years back, so I started to think – here we go, the bionic man has met the iron women. Here I am, the clay man, sandwiched between the two of them. One little click from here, one little clack from there, and I will be in pieces. Our pace was so fast compared to what I usually do on my own that we were at the BMX track in 21:30 minutes, shaving off 3:30 minutes from my best time. We were at the Dock Pond in 34:00 minutes. We continued on the road past AAA and to Rub' Al Khali water fountain in 57:00 minutes. We made it back to starting point through Al-Hassa and Arabian Gulf in one hour and 10 minutes. This is the best Friday Morning Run workout I have had so far. I learned so much about both of them. For example, did you know that Mike was in the first Dhahran Marathon in 1974? I wish someone had pictures of that for sharing.

This evening we are having some friends over for dinner and I am doing some of the cooking, so I have to go...

I Love this group! Happy Running!

Looking forward to EOS celebration!

Note: I am literally a Clay Man, as I used to do pottery. See my work here.


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