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I am in love - Friday, June 3, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 03 June 2011 05:08

Guys – I am in love! Can anyone help me? - Friday, June 3, 2011

I am in love with the whole area of the Hills Track. Before I joined the group, I used to drive by the Hills Track and look in from the road and say to myself – how depressing it is to see all these people waisting their time. Why can't they do productive work or be with their families? These days I look at it in a much different light. This morning for example, worried about missing the new starting time for the Friday Morning Run, I was there early. I stood by myself at the bottom of the granite stairs stretching. I looked up to see the iron gates closed. I wondered - why are these gates closed? Would anyone close the gates of paradise? Beyond these gates is where my friends gather – each in their own way delivering themselves through hellish effort from nothingness to glory. If a jasmine flower was to grow for each drop of sweat that flew from these athletes, the Hills Track will be white and overflowing with fragrance - spilling to cover all of Dhahran.

This morning I started with the group and was soon trailing behind. I said to myself – wow these people are strong. Hay wait a second! I am also strong - so I started pushing up the hill to the first watering station on the golf course path leading to Duck Pond. I made it in record time. Nothing was hurting and I felt I had springs beneath my feet. I made it to BMX track in 25 minutes (instead on 34 last week). I continued springing away, at about 155 HR, not aware of myself , until all of a sudden the mirage to the Duck Pond watering station appears before me. Am I there already? It can't be? It was too easy. I was only 39 minutes into my run. There I saw Fahad as I was turning back to the watering station for some water. This time the young women with the dog, of last week, was not there – I miss her.

After the brief re-hydration stop, I started on my way back on the golf course path. At 50 minutes into my run I passed the BMX station. There I had to compete with a bee for water – I won. I pushed up the hill maintaining 150-160 HR, and was back home in one hour and 07 minutes shaving 10 minutes off the same exact run as last week. Why couldn't I have done the same in this week's 800m or the 1500m? I think I did not psychic myself properly for these events.

Melting – melting – melting...

This week, my wife came back from the US and she brought me with her one of these tight compression shorts and some proper running socks. I wore the compression shorts on my run this morning, but was too shy to ware them by themselves. So I wore another shorts on top of them. During my run, the upper shorts kept on slipping off a little bit, making me feel that I am slimming down, which encouraged me. Also the socks were great, as the bottom of my feet were starting to hurt with ordinary socks, and these ones are okay. I recommend them to everyone.

Also this week, I went to the doctor. From September of last year up to now I have lost 6.5 kg measured on the clinic scale. This is good knowing that I did not reduce my food intake during this period. Also my good cholesterol ,which has been 35-36 for years , jumped up to 45. This is a very good sign. I am confident I will be loosing some more weight, now that I am also watching what I am eating. Keep on encouraging me...

Thank you Coach! Thank you group!


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