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Friday Morning Run - May 27, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 27 May 2011 05:15

Friday Morning Run, push push push - May 27, 2011

Guys, I have a serious problem! I am getting really addicted to the Friday Morning Run. I don't know how to stop? Can anyone help me?

This morning I ran to the Duck Pond and back to starting point using the Golf Course path all the way and back on Riyadh and Arabian Gulf. The weather was good, so I did not need to shade under the trees. On the path you can observe other people and the time passes you by. On the way to the pond by the BMX track, at about 34 minutes into my run, I saw Vernon doing his Tai Chi and he looked strong. Just a bit after that, after I had some water, I saw George, an Irish man, who used to work with me and who I have not seen for a year – he did not recognize me, even after saying hello – that could only be a good sign - maybe it is the hat or even better may be I have slimmed down. At the Duck Pond, I stopped for water for a moment. A young women was there tending lovingly to her new desert dog puppy. She commented “you are having a good workout”. From the way she took care of the dog, she appeared very lonely to me. I said to her after I started back on my run - “run with the dog – it is good for him”. What I really meant is that it is good for her; Perhaps if she joins our group she will feel better and be less lonely. On the way back I stopped for water at the BMX track and went a bit faster after that pushing hard up the hill. Even with all this pushing, my heart rate did not go above 145. On the Track it goes up to 170-173.

On my run today I did 12128 steps of which 12024 were aerobic and completed in one hour and 16 minutes. According to my pedometer, I covered 3.82 miles and spent 515 kcal.

Thank you group!


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