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Are you are your best worst enemy? - July 15, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 15 July 2011 09:12

Are you are your best worst enemy? - July 15, 2011

This morning I got up from bed later than usual, at about 5:10, and was quite excited to go on the Friday Morning Run, as my friend Joey was also going to be there. Joey and I work together in the same group. I have been trying to spread my excitement about running to everyone I come across, including my colleagues at work and particularly Joey.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.” - Buddha

Joey is better than me in many respects. He is a better worker; He is more analytical; He is younger; He is more competitive and is definitely a better runner than I am. In January of this year, after I had done my first 4x800m run at the Sod Farm, I told him about it and he was excited to try it. Two days later we met there on our own and he did the full 4x800m, while I was only able to do 3x800m. This week he came for the Saturday Evening Run and was able to keep up with the group all the way to Ruba Al Khali water fountain. He is competitive and he pushed hard to keep up - I think especially to prove to the Jay-man that he still got it.

This morning after I showered and put on my comfortable padded shoes, that I use for road running, I headed to the gathering point at the Hills Track Steps. I was there at about 5:55. I looked in the crowd for his face, but could not find him anywhere. I checked the parking lot for his car, but it was not there. Could he have come earlier and found that I was not there and decided to leave? This is not like him? He always keeps his promises. As the group was given the signal to go, I resigned myself to the fact that Joey will not be running with me this morning.

Have you ever heard the expression “You are your worst enemy”. I think Joey you might be one of those. You have the greatest potential, only if you give yourself the opportunity to unleash it. If you do, perhaps you could change the course of history!

I can't wait for tomorrow to see what his excuse is going to be?

I think I am better than Joey in one way – I am not ashamed of being last! I keep on trying, even if others think it is futile or even stupid. Trying over and over again has been working for me.

You might all have heard of the story of Milo of Croton from Greek mythology. Milo raised a pet calf and lifted it every day above his head to strengthen himself. As the calf grew, Milo was challenged every day beyond the day before, until ultimately he was strong enough to lift a full grown ox. In running, or any other type of training, in order to improve, individuals need to challenge their bodies to do more, a bit at a time. This means a gradual increase in speed, frequency, or duration. I personally tried first to finish, then to improve time, then to improve duration then to increase frequency.

This morning, although I thought I was running strong, I did my usual Friday Morning Run (Hills-Duck Pond-AAA-Hills) in 68 minutes. One minute less then my best.

I love running! I love this Group! Happy running!


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