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Friday Morning Run - July 29, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Saturday, 30 July 2011 05:17

Friday Morning Run - July 29, 2011

It was quite humid this morning; I ran with Tony El Khoury, and although we ran for only 48 minutes, we had quite an enjoyable run, during which we got to know each other better. While running he tried to take it easy with me, but unconsciously kept on falling into his normal running rhythm which is much faster than mine. Although I am almost twice his age, I still enjoyed the fast pace with my heart rate reaching 183 at one time. Whenever we slowed down or stopped for water, we conversed - it turned out he comes from a village not far from mine in North Lebanon - only about 20 minutes by car.

You can really build good lasting friendships in this group, so capitalize on it. It is kind of hard to find friends these days in a world that is becoming exceedingly virtual.

This morning was the first time I run in such humid conditions and it was much more difficult for me than normal. In the middle of the run Tony and I both took off our shirts and rang them out to bring the water and sweat off - a great deal came off \u2013 believe you me. After I arrived home and took off my shorts, they weighed two or three kilos. After I hung up my shirt to dry, it started dripping water as if it had just came off the wash.

After the run, Tony and I both headed back to the gathering place at the Hills Track steps. I was so happy to see that Ebe was back with the group and that he had completed one hour of running! He is such a promising athlete! I remember when I first saw him run, a year ago, he had the greatest running form with his legs going up so high, propelling him like a machine. The climax of the run, however, was when I joined coach Ian, coach Teresa, Christian, Michelle and Ebe in the pool for some water running. The pool was very cold, but very refreshing. It felt harder than usual to exercise in the pool after running, but I think it was because I was going at a cadence of 90 to make up for my shorter running time.

This week coach Ian sent a note about the Athletic Body, here is an excerpt from it:

“Normally most athletes who come on the program never diet, they simply increase their workload, that means running more days and increasing the miles, the brain starts to work and advises you what food is not good for you, you automatically cut down quantities and you come out the other side with less weight.”

I can't agree more - the brain is so smart that when you change your lifestyle and physical activity levels, it instructs you to support it and maintain it. That's why running is so important, as it makes the brain instruct the body to eat the right food in the right quantity to support a runner's body. This results in an almost effortless weight loss, as the endorphins are given as a reward to you based on maintaining superior physical condition rather than on the instinctive and primitive hunger mitigation plan.

This week the Discovery Channel presented a program on the Human Body, in which they cited many examples supporting the above theory. One of them is the case of a man who built his own boat and sailed it, but it sank in the middle of the ocean away from any land. Fortunately, he had a good life raft, a fishing spear, and some food supplies to last him only 17 days. He was able to survive for 74 days before he was rescued. The first 17 days he used his supplies. After they ran out, he used his spear to catch fish. He ate the flesh of the fish raw and it gave him the protein he needed to survive for a while. However, towards the end of his ordeal he could not get the vitamins and minerals from the fish meat alone to keep himself going. He would have died, but his brain started instructing him ( through endorphin rewards) to like other parts of the fish such as the eyes and the liver which contain vitamins and minerals. He started ignoring the flesh and eating more of the eyes and liver, which to him tasted like dessert and he could not have enough of them. He survived because his brain did what it can to protect itself.

Happy running!


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