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Friday Morning Run – August 5, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 05 August 2011 16:50

Friday Morning Run – August 5, 2011

I started this week with the disappointment of not completing the 4k XC race. I had completed the first 2K lap, 2.40 minutes ahead of what I had planned in my mind, but psyched myself out of completing the second lap and the race. There was nothing wrong with me, it was all mental. Since I joined the group on 14 Jul 2010, it was the first time I don't complete an event. I tell you - never do it as the disappointment with one self is very agonizing. I ran the loop on Monday and completed the interval training on Tuesday without a problem.

This morning, I showed up at the meeting place for the Friday Morning run. Coach said that the group will be doing only 30 minutes on the road and after that everyone should be heading to the Sod Farm for some interval training. I started the run at the tail of the pack as usual, but as I passed the Hills Park, I decided to diverge from the usual group route and head to the Sod Farm on my own. I continued strait ahead in the direction of the R-Field and down Peninsula to the venue. I knew from previous Monday runs that it took me about 26 minutes from the Hills Park parking lot to the Hobby Farm entrance, and therefore I should be able to make it to the venue within the allotted 30 minutes. Moreover, I have not run downhill for a while and I wanted to exercise the leg muscles that get engaged in downhill running for more balance and strength. I entered the Sod Farm from the Hobby Farm side and ran down the 600 meters to the starting point where everyone was there.

Special attention from the coach!

Coach Ian was kind enough to run with me and pace me three out of the four 400m sections. I was scared, but also felt privileged that he gave me his time and was happy for the encouragement I received from fellow runners. I still feel the excitement of the run up to now. It was wonderful to get in the cold refreshing water of the Hills pool afterwards for some gentle water running.

Leaving on vacation, Aug 10 – Sept 6

I am leaving on vacation on Wed August 10, and will be back after the Eid. I will be on a driving vacation with my wife and kids starting from Washington DC, to New York City, Portland-Maine and ending up in Ottawa-Canada and returning back to DC. I hope to run and keep my weight at the same level that it is now. I have already lost another 5.5 kg since last weighing with coach on June 20, 2011. So when I come back I should not be over 110kg. If you have advice on maintaining the exercise program while on vacation, please share it with me. I was thinking of running half an hour a day, but I am not sure if this would be enough? Should I run the same program as here? Any ideas?

I feel lucky and privileged to be part of this group! Happy Running!

Ramadan Mubark and Happy Eid to everyone.......


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