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Runners - you have no idea how lucky you are - Sept 24, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Sunday, 25 September 2011 14:35

Runners - you have no idea how lucky you are - Sept 24, 2011

This long weekend was bad for me. First my injury, second I overate and gained weight. Yes all week long I was eating bread and all sorts of carbohydrates and now I am 1.5 kg more than before. See, if you don't run you get depressed and you compensate by eating and other indulgences. Yes – I went to the pool, but it is not the same as running. By the end of today after doing all the house work, TV watching, knife sharpening, cooking, and the like, I couldn't take it any more – I had to go out for a run.

About 4:40 pm, I put my running attire on and went on a very slow jog/walk starting at the Hills Track steps through the R-field and down Peninsula Blvd to the Hobby Farm entrance. Not only I wanted to regain my sanity, but more importantly I wanted to asses my injury to determine whether I could run tomorrow. I used a more supportive shoe this time which helped, but did not eliminate the pain altogether. My shin splints continued to hurt until the end of the run by the Hobby Farm entrance. However, when I started walking back to the Hills Track steps, the pain was almost gone. Does it mean I can run tomorrow? I don't know? Perhaps the problem is stemming from laziness more than anything else? Could it be that I need to run through it? I am not sure.

I arrived to the Hills Track steps at about 5:55. I saw people coming in and heading towards the track. I went up the steps to have some water, then I remembered that one of my colleges at work told me that he is participating in a running course which meets twice a week on Saturday and Monday at 6:00 pm at the Hills Track. The objective of the course is to enable new runners to run continuously for a period of 30 minutes by the end of the 8-week training period. I thought well, I will go up and see him run. I headed to the track where people and children were gathering, but could not see him. So I sat down on the bleachers and took off my shoes and socks to rest my feet and waited observing other people on the track. I thought I will see how they are training in comparison to us? What a disappointment! First the coach blew his whistle and told people to walk around the track. Then he blew his whistle again and told them to gather. They all headed directly towards him from all corners stepping on the grass like a herd of wildebeest. I was shocked! When they got nearer I could observe that so many of them had headsets on, including kids perhaps eight or nine years of age. It is so dangerous! Very few of them had on proper running clothe. The rest looked like that they were dressed for a picnic in the park. The coach gathered them at one end of the field for warm-up. They stood in one place with movement appearing to me to be as sort of uncoordinated butt shaking. Three minutes later the coach left them to run on the track and came towards the stands with his timer. Evidently they can run any way they want, in and out of lanes, with or without their kids, as long they run for a specified period of time. While they were running I observed kids less than five years of age going on the track wanting to run with their mommy. I couldn't watch any more – I was so disgusted with the indiscipline and incompetence – I had to leave.

Coach – You are a true professional! I saw you take off with your group this morning and they were a sight to behold – an army of Spartans! Not like the ragtag of rascals I observed this evening.

You are the best!


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