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The Great Friday Morning Run - Sept 30, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Saturday, 01 October 2011 05:31

Friday Morning Run at Marathon Pace - Sept 16, 2011

This morning I literally applied Ibn al-Rumi's saying "treat the disease with what caused it" داوني بالتي كانت هي الداء لابن الرومي

Ibn al-Rumi was a famous Arab poet who was born in Baghdad in 836, and died in 896, he was son of a Persian mother and a half-Greek father.

Running caused my shin splints pain, so I used running to cure it. And it worked!

This morning I started in the pool at 5:05. I did water running 8x (1 min @80, 30 sec @ 50, 30 sec rest). Then I headed to the shower and after that to the Hills Track Steps to join the group. So I was already primed for this run. I did not at first think that I could complete the run, but the Jayman in me forced me to finish. A total of 6.46 mi in 1:30:25. While running, I was extremely careful with how my right foot hit the ground. I made sure that it always landed on the paw (mid-foot) and not the toes. This eliminated the stress on the shin splints. After I finished I felt that I was really the Jayman as the Coach calls me! Having this name is continuously driving my performance and I always have to live up to it.

Thanks Coach! You have a way to get milk out of a rock!

Afterwards I walked back to starting point and got into the Hills Pool to cool off.

What wonderful runners we have?

I love running!

Data for this run is available at


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