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Friday 3K Road Race - October 7, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Saturday, 08 October 2011 02:51

Friday 3K Road Race - October 7, 2011

What a great 3K race we had today!

The coach kept the hype and excitement going for this 3K race all week long - it worked! The atmosphere after completion of the event was charged with excitement! Runners gathered in groups congratulating each other and reflecting on their own performances. People hugged and chatted with each other discussing how they prepared for the race and how they can improve for next time. The young runners kicked a football to ease the tension of waiting for the results to be announced. It was funny observing them at first attempt to dislodge the football from the top net of the Cricket bating cage so they could kick it. They looked like a bunch of kittens aimlessly jumping for a string ball.

Because of the persistent dull pain in my right leg shin splints, I prepared for this race very well. Yesterday evening Christian and I split from the group and went for a 47-minute run towards AAA and rejoined the group towards the end of the run on the way back to the Hills Park. However, after I returned home and reviewed my watch data I was surprised that Christian did not push me a bit more for the first part of the run. He is presently suffering from a cold and that's why he was not in the race this morning. However, he has lost about 16 kg and is looking better than ever. What a natural fast runner and a superbly disciplined individual as well! Get well soon Christian! Also, I prepared this morning by going to the pool at 5:00 am for about half an hour of water running. Than I ran to the venue and warmed up for about one mile with Marie Macgabhann who did excellent in the race itself. Congratulations to her, Patrick and Jack, on receiving medals!

My time was 18:40 which is a bit more than Coach had estimated of 18:33, but I am still happy with it!

What a great group! Congratulations to all participants! I love running!

Data for preparation run with Christian is available at

Some feedback from the CS Wellness Running Blog

Michael Hulver - Let me note an AMAZING improvement. In Feb 2011, Jay Fares ran a 3k road race in 24:52. Today he finished in 18:40! A 12% performance increase!

Jay Fares - Thanks Mike! Somehow I did not have this earlier figure!

Doug Weber - Many more PB's in this guy.

Lindy Ntilane - Well done Jay!

Nada Alkhalifa - Wow Jayman a 6 min PB!!!!! That is so impressive.

Raymond Krygsman - Cool.

Amani Alkhatib Haikal - Great Job Jay!

Tracy Olckers - Well deserved Jayman, you inspire us.....

Ian Wilson - Six minutes is pretty impressive, but you know the key to take more time off.

Jay Fares - Yes Coach! Thank you for always looking after me...

Carie Rico - you deserve it Jay Fares... congrats!


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