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Friday Morning Run 8 Miles – October 21, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Saturday, 22 October 2011 07:15

Friday Morning Run 8 Miles – October 21, 2011

This week I ran a total of five times. On Saturday I ran the AAA run with the group paced by Teresa Wilson. On Sunday I ran on my own at 5:30 am on the soccer field grass for 45 minutes and followed that up in the evening by joining the group for the regularly scheduled interval training of three sets of 400, 800, and 300 meters. I missed the Tuesday 800m race as I had to undergo a medical procedure under sedation the same day in the afternoon and was told by the doctor to rest and not to run. To make up for the missed 800m session, I joined the group on Thursday morning and ran with Tracy Olckers 2x1k warm up laps and 4x1k regular laps around the Hills sport complex.

I had ran with Tracy the 6-miles loop last Friday and we had agreed to run this Friday together for eight miles in preparation for the upcoming Tour Of Dhahran. So when I woke up this morning and headed to the meeting place by the Hills Track steps, I walked very slowly contemplating the run - two steps forward and one step backward.

At 6:00 am we started the warm-up run up the hill to the starting position where Tracy was waiting. Tracy, Michelle, Martha and I started the run together ahead of the group, as Tracy had to get back home early to celebrate her son's seventh birthday. Michelle fell by the wayside very soon, as she was starting to feel sick. By the BMX track Tomo and Maher joined us and we ran together until the intersection of Canyon and Perimeter Road, where they moved on.

Maher looked very strong and he had lost weight by following a strict diet. He is getting back in shape and looking strong! I feel that Ghada and Maher have put a great deal of effort recently into improving their fitness, considering the demands put on them by their two young children. Bravo!

Martha struggled through the Hospital hill, so Tracy and I moved on after urging her to continue and not to stop. After we reached the top of the Hill by Holmes we realized there weren't any water bottles there and the recreation supplied watering station was completely dry. We labored on, and I felt strong going up the hill to King's Road. I had thought that I could any time challenge Tracy uphill. However, this women is starting to prove me wrong, for during this run she was as tough as nails and extremely disciplined. She kept the pace up the hill and forced me to trail behind her by a few meters. Iron-man Jacques - I feel for you, for she is the steel-woman! I want to learn as much as I can from her to prepare for the 12-mile run.

We did eventually get water from the watering station on Golf Course road, after which we coasted slowly to the starting point where two iced bottles of Gatorade were waiting for us. It was a short stop and we continued down the hill to the BMX track and than back up the hill following the same route and thus completing the additional two miles.

Michelle joined us for the two miles and Tracy and her coupled with the additional distance covered gave me a real challenge - I trailed well behind them.

This was the longest distance I have ever ran - 8 miles. Not bad – I will aim for nine next week.

I am happy to report that I am over the shin-splint problem in my right leg. Although it took a long time to heal, I learned how to cope with injury and that running on the grass strengthens leg muscles.

Happy running!

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