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Friday Morning Five Miles Race - October 28, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Saturday, 29 October 2011 02:06

Friday Morning Five Miles Race - October 28, 2011

This week I was doing fine until Wednesday when I had a scary encounter with my previous self!

Coach asked me to run with a newcomer to our group, Robbie Mashiter. Before we started he reminded me of the level of fitness I was in when I first joined the group and asked me to take it easy with her.

This was Robbie's second run with the group and her objective was to run continuously for seven minutes, as she was only able to run for five minutes on her first run. I took Robbie up in the direction of the R-field on a very slow jog/run making sure we slow down when her breathing gets strained. With every step I took with her I was reminded of how I was when I went on my first run with the group. I was huffing but not puffing. My heart and lungs were overworked although my leg muscles could still go.

We were able to make it past the Golf Course road signal and continue to the next street. Then we passed across to the R-field. We ran three laps around the field parameter and she did great in terms of breathing and endurance. We talked about many things and got to know each other a bit more. She was repeatedly apologetic about wasting my time. I told her not to worry and that she is priority one for me like I was to many group members who helped me and encouraged me when I first started. I remember Noor and Rafah wasting their run to stay with me and never letting me feel bad at all. I want her to succeed so badly!

For other runners that are so blessed with strength and health – appreciate what you have and thank God for his gift! Remember the disadvantaged and the sick. Visit them and console them.

My Love to all of you! Happy running!

This week's recap:

I ran six times, with Friday's 5-mile race being my 120th run this year.

  1. Saturday, I ran the AAA run and was paced by Teresa Wilson on the way to the water stop. On the way back I was challenged by the soon to be grandmother, long-legged Molly. We completed the run in 38:80 minutes at an average pace of 5.15 miles per hour.
  2. Sunday, I did the 3x(400m,800m,300m) interval training session at the Sod Farm with the following times: 400(2.33,2.29,2.11), 800(5.07,4.53,5.32), 300(1.52,1.38,1.39) and average pace of 6.22 miles per hour.
  3. Tuesday, I did 4x800m on the track with times: 4.53, 5.13, 5.25, 5.04 and average pace of 5:80 miles per hour
  4. .
  5. Wednesday, I ran with Robbie, a determined newcomer to the group. Then did 2 miles on my own.
  6. Thursday, I ran by myself on the track and on the grass to calibrate my times for the 5-mile race.
  7. Friday, I ran the 5-mile race in 54:50 at an average pace of 5.47 miles per hour. I am happy with this result.


Ian Wilson - Everyone starts somewhere, and giving back to others in the group is reward enough, well done indeed. Your 5 miler was well ran, sub 60 minutes, well done indeed.

Tracy Olckers - Well done Jayman. You are an inspiration to us all. Never give up, never surrender!

Jay Fares - I missed you Tracy! Next time...

Martha Dudu Makgetsi Maluleka - Jayman and Tracy, can I join you next week Friday for the morning run, whatever the distance I will run with you Guys......

Jay Fares - I am going out for the Eid. I will miss running with you two!

Steve Kean - You are blessed Jay, way to go!

Matt Neuman - Thanks for reminding and inspiring us Jay!

Charles Bradford - great week of running Jay!

Teresa Wilson - Jay, thank you for looking after Robbie! were fantastic today! Amazing to see you move through the pack, you are making your way up there. Everyone had better watch out, there is more to come!!!!!!

Mischelle Rivera - Well done Jay! Keep it up...


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