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Lebanon - Run from Kaftoun uphill to Mejdel el Koura - November 8, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 18 November 2011 15:16

Lebanon - Run from Kaftoun uphill to Mejdel el Koura - November 8, 2011

Finally the weather got better. I did my first run this morning since last Tuesday. A straight uphill run up the Mejdel Mountain starting at an elevation of 936 ft and maxing at an elevation of 1442 ft in 36 minutes. Total distance covered in the run was 4.46 mi in one hour. Beautiful scenery! Can't wait to get back to Saudi!

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Jay Fares - Also, we received our virgin cold-pressed olive oil harvest from our olive grove just before the Eid, so if I am 5lb heavier coach you would know why. I have been sampling it with mountain (Sajj) bread. It is as addictive as running! Ha ha ha.. November 8 at 3:06pm.

Maysaa Khalil - Enjoy Lebanon Jay .. November 8 at 3:52pm via mobile·

Ian Wilson - ‎5Kg!!! As soon as you return you will need get back the focus! You are one of the ones I want to help present the program about and have you on stage showing how much you have reduced, that will take place first week of December. November 8 at 3:55pm·

Jay Fares - Coach - I am just teasing, your investment in me is not lost. See you soon.... November 8 at 4:14pm via mobile.

Robbie Mashiter - Great job Jay will see you soon, enjoy! November 8 at 6:19pm.


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