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Thursday Morning Desert Run - November 17, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 18 November 2011 15:43

Thursday Morning Desert Run - November 17, 2011

Ran Thursday Morning in the desert to try out the Tour of Dhahran (TOD) day-1 course. Completed the required three laps (5.18 mi) at a slow pace. My advice wear a supporting shoe (mine is almost destroyed from this one run) and go on your toes in deep sandy stretches. Be careful not to sprain your ankles as you move forward. Keep the focus and it will be easy to complete.

Tomorrow I will try the 12 mi day-2 course and do perhaps 9 or 10 miles. Where are you Tracy? Let me know if you are running and I will bring the Gatorade.

I love running....

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Robbie Mashiter - Good Job Jay, I have not stopped just been sick this week. HOpe to be back at it next week. I guess I have to start all over again. November 17 at 8:46am · Like

Jay Fares - I was just wondering myself - Get well soon... November 17 at 9:37am

Ian Wilson - You need either a cross country shoe or a sturdy model. November 17 at 10:38am via mobile

Tracy Olckers - Jay, I have been out with a chest infection. I have not been able to run for 10 days. I will not be able to do the TOD but will be cheering for you all the way! November 17 at 4:35pm via mobile

Jay Fares - Tracy sorry to hear that. Watch out for allergens in your house. You have had this for a while, I hope you will get over it very soon..... Take care of your self!


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