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Tour Of Dhahran November 24 - 30, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 16 December 2011 16:08

Tour Of Dhahran November 24 - 30, 2011

The Tour of Dhahran (TOD) is considered the toughest race in the Middle East. It is a series of six races to be performed within seven days. It starts on Thursday and ends on Wednesday with Sunday being a rest day. Since it first started in 1987, only 304 athletes were able to finish it. Not bad for the JAYMAN to be one of these three-hundred and four! Thank you all for your support! My greatest thanks to the “CS Wellness Running” group outstanding coach and leader Ian Wilson!





My Times


5.2 miles desert cross-country

Tough hilly and rocky terrain with some stretches through sand embankments



12 miles road race

Normal road conditions



1 mile downhill race

Rainy, cold and slippery





8 miles king-of-the-hills race

Nice, liked uphill more than downhill



5 miles road race

Ran in triennial rain and cold weather conditions with temperature 11 C. I could not see through my glasses with the rain and darkness. At times I ran in ankles-deep water. I overcame my phobia of running in the rain.



5K track race

The weather was cold, but not rainy. I felt that I should quit because the track loops looked endless. What helped me was that during the last four laps I thought of one of my family members.  Each lap I dedicated it to one of them with the last lap dedicated to my Dad's soul, who trained in his youth, at AUB, to represent Lebanon in the 100m race at the London Olympic Games in 1948, but was unable to participate.





The pictures of my races and my medal are below to prove it. Happy running and stay fit!


1. Jihad Mekhael Fares
2. Jihad Mekhael Fares
3. Jihad Mekhael Fares
4. Tod Day-1 Jihad
5. Tod Race
6. Tod Day-1 Jihad
7. Tod Day-2 Completed
8. Tod Day-6 5 Miler
9. Tod Day-6 5 Miler
10. Tod Day-7 5k Race
11. Tod Day-7 5k Race
12. Tod Day-7 5k Race
13. Tod Day-7 5k Race
14. Tod Day-7 5k Race
15. Tod 2011 Awards
16. Tod 2011 Awards
17. Jihad\'s Medal
18. Jihad Mekhael Fares
19. Jihad Mekhael Fares


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