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Friday Morning Run - December 16, 2011
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 16 December 2011 16:47

Friday Morning Run - December 16, 2011

This week I ran six times covering a total of 21.51 miles in 4:08 hours at an average pace of 5.19 miles per hour. The "Feel the Burn" event held in collaboration with the firemen, was certainly the highlight of this week. It was great running with the community! My colleague and next door neighbor in the office, Shiraz Mushtaq, a 39 year old man, ran the 3K in 16:09, a very respectable time for someone who is a casual runner. As for me, just before reaching the finish line I could hear the loud shouts of "Jayman" from the group members gathered around. This made me feel so special! Thank you all very much for without your encouragement I would have never come as far as I have in this short time.

I always loved in people the extreme, never tolerating the in-between. Unfortunately, presently I am one of these in-between people. I am in-between the starter pack and the next level one. When I run on the track the starter pack is starting to reject me. They say: you are faster than us, go on to the second pack. The second pack is not aware of what is happening and they go on their merry way without noticing me. I tried one time to run with them, but could barely keep up. The same happed to Sulaiman when he was promoted by the coach. We told him to buss off and go with the other pack. Most probably he felt rejected. He ended up running in-between the two packs on his own. As I improve, I am having difficulty leaving my pack. I love my pack; I grew up with them. What am I to do?

I am heading on the 20th to Virginia to have Christmas with my family. I will run with my eldest son who is training for the Austin TX half marathon. I can't wait to run with him. My running is starting to influence my family, they are all starting to exercise more and get fitter. I never tell them anymore to lose weight and get fit, I just do it myself and they follow my example.

I love this group! I love running! Thank you coach!

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Photos from "Feel The Burn" 3K race

1. Jihad Mekhael Fares
2. Photo With Some
3. Sulaiman Bin-malik
4. Jihad Mekhael Fares
5. Sulaiman Bin-malik
6. Carie Rico Moosa
7. Linette Koopman
8. Shiraz Mushtaq


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