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Friday Morning Run - January 6, 2012
Written by Jay Fares   
Saturday, 07 January 2012 01:17

Friday Morning Run - January 6, 2012

I just returned to Dhahran after having vacation with my family in the United States. While I was there, I ran on my own encountering many other runners who were also running on their own. I often felt like calling on them to join me on the run, as I was missing running with others like we do in Dhahran. What held me back was my feeling that Americans are increasingly living their lives in isolation and are characteristically loners. So they would perhaps reject my offer.....

Is running an individual sport or a team sport? I think it is a little bit of both.

My morning run with Vera confirmed my belief in running with a group. When I run with others especially on long runs I get to know so much about them. Their childhood stories, their habits, their likes and dislikes, their husbands, wives, kids, and parents. They also get to know so much about me. All of this is communicated with the knowledge that "what is said on the road, stays on the road."

When I run with others, the run is often faster and feels much easier.

This morning so many runners were participating in the Bahrain race, so few athletes showed up for the Friday morning run.

When I arrived to the meeting place, I was happy to see Vera drive up - we ended up running together. At the start of the run we both wondered whether we are going to complete the entire 6-miles.

I said to her: "It will be easy."

She said "You always say that."

We ended up finishing the 6-miles and had barely noticed the time and effort.

I love running with others in our group because they always support me and lift my spirits up when needed. Also they are not shy to tell me to stop whining when I complain about pain. They say "this is the nature of the sport - no pain, no gain."

Thank you Vera for a wonderful run this morning! Next time we are going to push ourselves a little bit harder.

I love this group! I love running...

Congratulations to everyone for the outstanding performance of our athletes in the Bahrain races this morning!

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