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Friday Morning Run - January 13, 2012
Written by Jay Fares   
Friday, 13 January 2012 10:38

Friday Morning Run - January 13, 2012

This week I ran six times with a total distance of 25.39 miles. My week started with the stressful news of the illness of the Coach's brother and ended with the tragic news of the death of Yusef Fadlalla (RIP), one of our group early runners. Yusef apparently collapsed about 50 meters from his house after going for a jog. Although the death of any loved one is so devastating to the ones left behind, I think it is even worse seeing our loved ones sick and suffering without any possibility of recovery and us helpless to do anything about it. Perhaps Yusef was blessed to die such a death without pain and suffering? Although I don’t know his family, I really feel for them and I wish I could do something to ease their pain. I know Mayssaa and Ahmed are both very sad about it and I offer them my sincere condolences.

The death of anyone we know should remind us of how blessed we are. We are still alive! God is blessing us with his grace every day and is giving us health and the ability to run and be happy. Let’s celebrate our fortunes and work to increase goodness on this earth. How? Each one has to find his way and have impact on others such as the coach is doing with us. Remember that the attitude of one individual rubs on others around him, so as author Paulo Coelho says, you should avoid these words: "Someday", "may be", "I will try", and "if". Just do it!

Live your life so it would have meaning after you are gone.

God bless our coach and his family...

Love you all! Love running...

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Photographs from Wellness Running Friday Morning 10 Miles Run - January 13, 2012

1. Jihad Mekhael Fares
2. Jihad Mekhael Fares
3. Jihad Mekhael Fares


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