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Friday Morning 10 Miles Run - January 27, 2012
Written by Jay Fares   
Saturday, 28 January 2012 03:37

Friday Morning 10 Miles Run - January 27, 2012

This week I missed the Sunday track session because my wife was coming out of the hospital. In spite of that my total miles for the week were 27.29 miles.

I am having a problem with loosing steam on long runs after the 5-mile mark. The first five miles of the 10-mile run this morning I ran in 51 minutes @ 5.88 mph. The second five miles I ran in 61 minutes, a lag of 11 minutes. I don't know what to do about this problem? Is this normal? Do you guys have any advice for me? I know this is nor happening to Rommleigh, as for the past two runs we were neck to neck up to 4.5 mile mark, then she started gaining on me. Should I care or just run without notice of other runners?

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature." - Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD

Love running...

Data for this Friday morning run is at the URL:

Photographs from Wellness Running Friday Morning 10 Miles Run - January 27, 2012

1. Jihad Mekhael Fares
2. Jihad Mekhael Fares
3. Jihad Mekhael Fares
4. Jihad Mekhael Fares



Ian Wilson - Start a little slower!

Lorna Bradford - Power Bar Energy Gel would help at the halfway point ($1 a pop from Amazon).

Mark Richard Kennedy - Hi Jay!
You're still relatively new to running. You'll build strength and get better at pacing yourself. Keep on following the program and keep your thoughts in line with the Emperor's philosophy and you will get there. Think about far you have come and then think about far you will go yet!
I look forward to your missives and wish I could be back running!
Keep running


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