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Running Into My Father - October 29, 2012
Written by Jay Fares   
Tuesday, 30 October 2012 02:51

Running Into My Father - October 29, 2012

With my hip condition finally being diagnosed as a FAI (Femoral Acetabular Impingement), bicycling and the elliptical machines at the gym have been my refuge in the past several weeks. These low impact exercises have helped me to keep my fitness level up and assisted me in easing my way back into running.

One day, at the 3ed Street Gym, I was on the elliptical machine doing my routine and saying to myself:

"You know what - I can live without running...
It is not the end of the world if I don't run...
The elliptical is good enough...
I am getting old for running... that's what the doctor said...
Perhaps I should do the honorable thing and tell the coach - I can't run anymore...
I don't want to be one of these time wasters that he keeps on talking about...
I should have the courage to do that...
Who cares what others think...
I am going to do it..."

With these thoughts swirling in my head, I started going on my machine slower and slower - my arms and legs barely moving. I was greatly leaning forward and about to fall off when a voice in the room calls me: "Jayman" . I quickly gained my composure and tried to ascertain where the voice is coming from. I looked around me but I couldn't see anyone I know in these faces. Has someone quickly passed by and left?

I labored on, when all of a sudden there comes into focus in the mirror in front of me the faces of two young Saudi guys running on two adjacent treadmills in the row in front of me and slightly to my right. They looked very similar in facial features and age which made me think they must be brothers. The older one was the better athlete and he could go, the younger one looked more athletic but did not push as hard. I could tell that from the lack of observable strain on his face as it was reflected in the mirror. I kept on observing them for a while thinking...

"these guys are young, they should be a able to run faster....
they should be more fit...
I wish I was as young as them - I could show them..."

All of a sudden they stopped and got off the treadmills --- my dream of being young and reliving my youth in them abruptly came to an end.

I glance at the monitor of my machine and realize that my exercise time is about to come to an end. As the buzzer sounded, I skipped the cool down and immediately jumped on the treadmill in front of me. I subconsciously cranked up the speed to a comfortable but brisk pace and started going. My face melted into my reflection in the mirror facing me. As I went on, features of the face of my dead father started blending into my face in the mirror. His features and my features started oscillating in a magical rhythmic dance of life.

I was running with my father...
I was running into my father...
I was becoming my father...

It was magical!

I realized I don't want to be young any more. I am happy where I am - I am younger than the young can be.

I am going to run, because running is my life...

I love running...

Dublin marathoners, good luck and we will be watching for you...

Dublin Marathon Results

  • Pierre Breuer completed the Dublin Marathon at 11:53:42 am with a time of 02:51:29 and 06:33 min/mi avg pace.
  • Matt Newman ran it in 3:10:01, John Fleming in 3:12:58 and Henry Dressler in 3:13:44.

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