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Friday Morning Run - May 31, 2013
Written by Jay Fares   
Saturday, 08 June 2013 03:54

Friday Morning Run - May 31, 2013

This week I lost my wife's eldest brother in a tragic bicycle accident in New Mexico. He had skidded off the road on some dirt while turning a corner and fell in a ravine. He broke almost all his ribs, his back, his two arms, his two hands and although he was wearing a helmet he also injured his head requiring 21 stitches. They operated on him on Tuesday and two days later he succumbed to his injuries. Just minutes before I started my morning run, I was speaking with all the family members who have gathered to remember him and celebrate his life.

So you can only imagine the mental and emotional state I was in. I needed to run badly. I needed to coast along on autopilot where nothing in the world matters. Where I feel strong enough to handle anything. Where I feel like I am living to my fullest potential. Where the gentle desert wind carcasses my face and with every breath I take I am reminded of the fact that I am still living. Isn't it better to live one's life, then die regretting never have lived it.

When I look at our young runners, I say mashallah, they have their life in front of them and may they live it abundantly. I don't say it with envy but with love. I consider each one of them as one of my children. When I go to the track to watch them run, I feel connected with the world through them. Watching them run fulfils a deep thirst within me for life and makes me appreciate their potential.

Before the run this morning, when I arrived at the meeting place only Marweh was there, then other runners started steadily arriving. I was slowly loosing hope of having a partner to run with, until the last minute when Carl Montera showed up. We ended up running together. He appeared to be suffering from a cold and his breathing was taxed. In spite of that we completed four miles together. I was feeling in much better shape than him, but I slowed down and kept his pace. To me his companionship, his friendship and his well being were more important to me than having an optimal workout. I ended up having a good workout anyway plus enjoying his stories and conversations. At the end of our run and before we departed ways, he thanked me and I reciprocated. What a joy it is to run with others and support them when they need it, as Carl has supported me so many times before.

I love running...

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