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Beirut, Lebanon
Local Time: 17:01
Report: 13:00 UTC
mostly cloudy
Feels like: 18°C
Dew Point: 12°C
Humidity: 64%
Wind: WSW at 19 km/h
Visibility: 5 km
Barometer: 1016 hPa
(30 in Hg)
Condition mist
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Kaftoun Contributed Photos Not very old photos of days gone by
 Not very old photos of days gone by
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Rashid and Elaine Fares

Rashid and Elaine Fares, R-L Nicola Semaan, Laila Anwar Fares, Elaine, Rashid

Hits: 463
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Wadad, Mekhael

Wadad Fares Semaan, Mekhael Elias Nakhoul Fares

Hits: 157
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Mekhael Elias Nakhoul Fares

Hits: 146
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Adiba Yaacoub Sarkis's Family

Adiba Sarkis Abi-Jreiche and family

Hits: 178
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Ousama, Omar, Fayez

Ousama Bishara Semaan, Omar Fayez Semaan, Fayez Semaan

Hits: 182
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Fayez Semaan, in Ottawa, Canada

Hits: 181
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Hady, Ziad

Hady Mike Fares, Ziad Adnan Fares

Hits: 168
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Esabelle, Mousa

Esabelle Mousa Sarkis, Mousa Sarkis, wedding photograph

Hits: 161
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Afifa's Family

Afifeh Hanna Khalil Fares's Family: Jihad, Afifeh, Elias Mousi, Nina Fayyad

Hits: 174
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Iskindara, Yaacoub

Iskindara Fares Sarkis, Yaacoub Sarkis

Hits: 188
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Deir Kaftoun

Ghassan Assaf, Randa Mekhael Fares, Hala Sarkis Fares, Mike Hanna Fares, Saydeh, Norma Sarkis

Hits: 213
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Iskindara, Yaacoub

Iskindara and Yaacoub Sarkis

Hits: 185
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Kaftoun Volleyball Club

L to R seated row: Nassim Zaki Semaan, Joeseph Nasr, Nehmie Sarkis, Anton Daher, Fayez Semaan, George Mekhael Semaan

Hits: 213
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Rabih's Family

Rabih's Family

Hits: 172
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Rabih, Judy, Dhafer, Talal

Rabih, Judy, Dhafer, Talal

Hits: 164
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Jihad Mekhael Fares, passport photo February 1981 when he wa ...

Hits: 171
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Girl Scouts

Rana Khalil Fares, Oula Mike Fares, Rouba Iskandar Sarkis, M ...

Hits: 244
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Semaan Family

Yasmine Sarkis Semaan, with her grandchildren at the christening of Rayn at St. Rafka

Hits: 186

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