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Written by Revd Fr Bassam Nassif   
Saturday, 06 November 2004 13:29

The Theotokos Monastery, Kaftoun, Archdiocese of Mount Lebanon

Kaftoun Theotokos This historic monastery, located just 10 km to the east of Botrys district, in Lebanon, houses one of the most important Byzantine icons of the hieratic and expressive style "The Theotokos Hodigitria of Kaftoun".

The Monastery of Kaftoun and the locality are cited by historians of the 9th century; between the 11th and 13th centuries the monastery had a great spiritual influence in the region. The Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris and the British Museum in London possess some liturgical parchments from this monastery dating back to the 13th century and testifying to the flourishing liturgical life of the Kaftoun Monastery.

Until 1972 the icon was affixed to the iconostasis of the monastery's chapel where it was venerated by pilgrims. During the Lebanese war (1975-1992) the icon was stolen twice and recovered back.

It's currently exposed back for veneration at the monastery's church in a special way exposing both written sides.

The Theotokos Hodigitria of Kaftoun

Author anonymous,11th Century A.D.
Tempera on wood & endued (bilateral).
H / W: 111 x 80 cm.

The monastery can be contacted by email at this address: moc.liamtoh@nuotfakried

The Basilica of Saint Sergius and Bacchus (Mar-Sarkis)

Saint Sergius and Bacchus (Mar-Sarkis) Recent excavations have shown that this basilica is particularly rich at the archaeological level.

Saints Sergius and Bacchus were third century Roman soldiers who are commemorated as martyrs by the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches. Serge and Bacchus were officers in Caesar Maximian's army, and were held high in his favor until they were exposed as secret Christians. They were then severely punished in 303, with Bacchus dying during torture, and Sergius eventually beheaded. Churches in their honor have been built in several cities, including Constantinople and Rome. Their feast day is 7 October.

St. Phokas Church - Holy Martyr and Wonderworker Phokas Bishop of Sinope

As bishop in his birthplace, the town of Sinope on the shore of the Black Sea, he strengthened the devout in their faith by his divine example and words, and brought many idol worshippers to the true Faith. During the persecution of the Roman Emperor Trajan, he was captured and thrown into boiling water, in which this courageous soldier of Christ finished his earthly course and entered into the joy of his Lord in the year 102 AD. The Holy Church celebrates his memory on September 22, and the transfer of his holy relics on July 23.

St. Foka's Church Iconostasis
St. Phokas Bishop of Sinope
St. Phokas Bishop of Sinope
Christ The King
Christ The King
The Holy Theotokos
The Holy Theotokos
St. Michael
St. Michael


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