FARES FAMILY TREE - Kaftoun, El-Koura, Lebanon

The Fares Family is one of the original Kaftoun families: Fares, Wehbeh, Kanaan, and Chahine, plus other original families such as El-Makdisi, Mitri, Nader, Zoughaib, who became extinct. The other families namely: Sarkis, Farah, Semaan, and Daher came 600 years ago to Kaftoun from Huran, Syria.

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The Fares Family is  ... Fares Jurjus (George) Tannous Jurjus Saba Jurjus
1931 - Dec 13, 2008
Did Not Marry Josephine, 1932
Married Adeeb Yaacoub Sa ... Jack Sarkis Fadi Sarkis Bassim Sarkis, 
Died in his teanage year ... Fida, 
Married Khodr Tillawi Hala, 
Married Fares Hanna Fares Edmon (Edmond)
1935 -
Married Afaf Jabbo ... Hiba, 1973
Married Yaacoub Khalil Esber  ... Saba 1974 - 1979
Died when a child as 
a ... Jihad
Apr 15, 1977 - Firas
Mar 29, 1984 - Wassim
Aug 25, 1080 Saada, 
Married late without children Khalil Tannous Victoria
Married Murshid Najjar
from Dar ... Fares Hanna
1915 - Jan 13, 1988
Adebah ... Najwa
Sep 9, 1940 - Jan 7, 2010
Married  ... Rana
Nov 1, 1972 Rima
Dec 13, 1974 Ruba
Oct 3, 1978 Adnan
May 4, 1943 -
Married Julia Elias  ... Zana Ziad
Oct 22, 1967 Yassir
Dec 5, 1974 Hanna
Dec 5, 1974 - Adib
Jan 10, 1946 Roula Randa Omar
Feb 14, 1980 -
Married Affifa Semaa ... Elias
Nov 12, 1986 Khawla, Jul 14, 1950
Married Moustafa Al ... Bassem EL Ayoubi
Nov 8, 1983
Married to  ... Maher Mazin Nahla
Apr 18, 1952 Fares
Jan 17, 1955 - Nov 18, 2000
Marrie ... George
May 26, 1981 Jamil
Jul 13, 1983 Bassem
Dec 6, 1984 Nakhleh
Mar 13, 1965
Hala Rizik, ... Oula
Aug 21, 1983 Alaa
Oct 11, 1984 Hadi
Jan 1, 1998 Jamil
1920 - ????
Rahmeh Elias K ... Aida
May 31, 1951
Did not merry, Boston Elias
1958 -
Married Lina Ramiz Essi 
Ma ... Rahmeh Jamil Jad Jamilah
1917 - May 13, 2010
Mitr ... Daad
Did Not Marry Fadwa
Mekhael Elias Fares Mary
1926 -
Joseph Chaghouri Hind
Mar 25, 1935
Michel Mousa,  ... Hanna
Married Jallileh Moussi 
from Hame ... Elias, 1928 -
Married Laila Youssef 
fro ... John
Nov 11, 1959
Married, no Children
B ... Ibtissam Farah, June 16, 1964 Henry
Dec 20, 1969
Married Ikbal Kassim, ... Angie, Feb 2, 1999 Majd, June 24, 2001 Wadad
1931 -
Zaki Iskandar Semaa ... Iskandar
Sep 19, 1949
Daad el Mu ... Tania Semaan
Sep 6, 1974
George  ... Rania Semaan 
Aug 28, 1976 Rouba Semaan 
May 2, 1982 Samer Semaan 
Jan 18, 1978 Faiz, Dec 1952
Marrid Ousama Ibrahim Bis ... Omar Ramzi Jamal 1934 -
Married Elias Semaan
No Chi ... Afifa
Elias Moussa, Kefraya Affif
Jul 10, 1935
Married Waddad Sarraf ... Tarek
Nov 18, 1971 Loubna Khalil
Jan 3, 1941 - Sep 29,  1986
Marri ... Rana
Aug 28, 1982 Rim
Apr 21, 1984 Souhaila
Jul 19, 1947 - Dallal, Jul 19, 1947
Married Sabah Ali
f ... Rami Sami Dima Azziza
Married George Fayyad
from Amioun Nakhoul Rashid
Did Not Have any Children Rashideh
Married Mekhael Sowda
from Mina ... Elias Married
Martha Zaiter
Boxmaya Mekhael
Oct 1, 1924 - Nov 11, 2008 Jihad Fares
Feb 15, 1954
Married Teresa  ... Michael
Dec 12, 1986 Robert
Aug 19, 1988 Sally
May 5, 1991 Raghida
May 18, 1956
Fouad Shayb ... Ghadi Shayban
Oct 18, 1983
USA Amal
Dec 9, 1958
Henry Ghattas,  ... Dima Ghattas
March 25, 1986
CANADA Hadi Ghattas
Sep 14, 1989
Dec 17, 1961
Michel Yousse ... Married 
Mussira Abdo Ibrahim, Kousba
an ... Nazih
Lived in Beitroumin, Koura Carolle Elias Sameer
Jan 13, 1983 Yaacoub (Jack)
Australia Robert Lesly Samir Rita Elias Pierre Jurjus Anwar
Married  Dallal Daher
Sep 20, 1936 ... George
Dec 3, 1955
Venezuela Anwar Edwin Michael Laila
Married Youssef Harb from
Tannouri ... George Antonio, Feb 14, 1986 Awatif
Sep 10, 1961 -
Married Ghassan Mi ... George Toni May
Married Fouad Ojaimi
from Amioun Tony
1959 - Hunter Eduardo Elias Nana
Feb 20, 1964
Married Marwan Michel  ... Eddy Walid Mayssa Issam
Married Antoinette Laba
from Hasro ... Nicole, Australia Mounif
Married Mountha Daher ( Laila) 
A ... Elham
Married from Zgharta Fadia
Married Iskandar Surrour
Amioun Michlline
Married from Hakim Family
Torz ... [noname] 
Married George Murr
from Kafer ... Fadi
1970 -
Married to Rima Srour, Mar 9 ... Nay 
Mar 12, 2007 Mounif
Jan 5, 2009 Attif
May 24, 1947
Married Violette Mast ... Imad
Apr 18, 1975 Jad Sandy
Mar, 12, 1982 Rashid
July 16, 1950 -
Married to Ellene ... Nada
Jan 2, 1979
Married to Manal
Oct 13, 1980
Iskandar Will ... George
July 17, 1983 Louiza
Married Elias Rizk
from Amioun
Au ... Ghada Elham Habib Nour
Married Daoud Zughbi
from Mijdel Elias Toni George Semaan Rabih Habbouba Najibeh Watfa Raja
Married Fr. Najib Jabbour
from Btaa ... Michel, Boston Grace Girl [noname] Rima Nada 1940 - 2008
Married Fakher Al Abyad ... Aowni Sister [no name]
Married to Nader family ... Amin
Was a deacon in Dair Bkeftine, Kour ...
hide FARES FAMILY TREE: The Fares Family is one of the original Kaftoun families: Fares, Wehbeh, Kanaan, and Chahine, plus other original families such as El-Makdisi, Mitri, Nader, Zoughaib, who became extinct. The other families namely: Sarkis, Farah, Semaan, and Daher came 600 years ago to Kaftoun from Huran, Syria.

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Adib Hanna Fares

اديب حنا فارس

Adib Hanna Fares

Adnan Hanna Fares

عدنان حنا فارس

Adnan Hanna Fares

Afifa Hanna Khalil Fares

عفيفه حنا خليل فارس

Afifa Hanna Khalil Fares

Afif Hanna Khalil Fares

عفيف حنا خليل فارس

Afif Hanna Khalil Fares

Aida Jamil Fares

عايده جميل فارس

Aida Jamil Fares

Jamil Fares Khalil Fares

جميل فارس خليل فارس

Jamil Fares Khalil Fares

Amal Mekhael Fares (Amal Ghattas)

امل مخايل فارس

Amal Mekhael Fares

Amin Tannous Fares

امين طنوس فارس

Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

انور جرجس نخول فارس

Attif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

عاطف جرجس نخول فارس

Azziza Khalil Fares (Azziza Fayyad)

عزيزه خليل فارس

Azziza Khalil Fares

Daad Fares Fares

دعد فارس فارس

Daad Fares Fares

Dallal Hanna Khalil Fares (Dallal Ali)

دلال حنا خليل فارس

Dallal Hanna Khalil Fares

Dima Henry Ghattas

ديما هانري غطاس

Dima Henry Ghattas

Edmond Saba Fares

ادمون سابا فارس

Edmond Saba Fares

Elias Adib Fares

الياس اديب فارس

Elias Adib Fares

Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

الياس حنا خليل فارس

Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

Elias Jamil Fares

الياس جميل فارس

Elias Nakhoul Fares

الياس نخول فارس

Elias Nakhoul Fares

Fadwa Fares Fares

فدوى فارس فارس

Fadwa Fares Fares

Fares Hanna Fares

فارس حنا فارس

Fares Khalil Fares

فارس خليل فارس

Fares Khalil Fares

Firas Edmond Saba Fares

فراس ادمون سابا فارس

Firas Edmond Fares

Ghadi Foud Shayban

غدي فؤاد شيبان

Ghadi Foud Shayban

Hadi Henry Ghattas

هادي هانري غطاس

Ghadi Foud Shayban

Hanna Adnan Fares

حنا عدنان فارس

Hanna Adnan Fares

Hanna Fares Fares

حنا فارس فارس

Hanna Khalil Fares

حنا خليل فارس

Henry Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

هانري الياس حنا خليل فارس

Henry Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

Hiba Edmond Saba Fares

هيباء ادمون سابا فارس

Hind Fares Fares (Hind Mousa)

هند فارس فارس

Hind Fares Fares

Ibtissam Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

ابتسام الياس حنا خليل فارس

Ibtissam Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

Issam Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

عصام جرجس نخول فارس

Jad Elias Jamil Fares

جاد الياس جميل فارس

Jamal Hanna Khalil Fares

جمال حنا خليل فارس

Jamal Hanna Khalil Fares

Jamileh Fares Khalil Fares (1917 - May 13, 2010)

جميله فارس خليل فارس

Jamileh Fares Fares Jamileh was the second eldest child born to Nasta Karam and Fares Khalil Fares. She married Mitri Antonius Sarkis and raised a family of four: Wafa, May, Antonus (Toni), and Nihmie. She was one of the few Fares family members who stayed behind in Kaftoun in 1975 after the Falangists attacked and took over the village burning 18 houses, mostly owned by Fares family members, and brutalizing the inhabitants. Her husband Mitri who had died before the civil war started, was a butcher and a land owner who had good relations with Muslim families in the neighboring village of Ijdeabreen. During the Civil War, Jamileh took at her own peril a Muslim women and her daughter in and hid them in her house saving them from ethnic cleansing. Jamileh worked with her children in tobacco cultivation and helped her husband to provide the means to educate their children. The two boys graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB), and the girls each received a good education, although they did not attend college.

Jamileh was a good woman who was funny, easy going and well liked by young and old. She loved working the land and always retained Syrian workers to help her work and cultivate the family land. She had an Orange tree in her back yard and all sorts of fruiting trees. She offered freshly squeezed Orange juice to her visitors when in season. I still remember the wonderful taste! She retained her full faculties until the end. She died at home naturally after two weeks of weakness. Her two daughters took good care of her always visiting her on the weekend, and cooking for her for the rest of the week. Her boys were also very kind to her, providing her all what she needs, including a maid.

Jamil Elias Jamil Fares

جميل الياس جميل فارس

Jamil Fares Hanna Fares

جميل فارس حنا فارس

Jamil Fares Hanna Fares

Jihad Edmond Saba Fares

جهاد ادمون سابا فارس

Jihad Edmond Fares

Jihad Mekhael Fares

جهاد مخايل فارس

Jihad Mekhael Fares

John Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

جان الياس حنا خليل فارس

John Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

Josephine Saba Fares (1932)

جؤزفين سابا فارس

Josephine Saba Fares

Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

جرجس نخول فارس

Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

Jurjus Saba Fares (1931 - Dec 13, 2008)

جرجس سابا فارس

Jurjus Saba Fares His mother Miriana came from Koubba in the Batroun district located at the mouth of the Jouz River. His Father Saba (سابا) was a pious man who received his elementary education at Ballamand seminary school. Jurjus was an honest and trustworthy individual with strong moral and ethical standards. He worked all his life in farming; when he was young he helped his father in plowing the fields utilizing the cows the family kept and later establishing a poultry farm with his brother Edmond. He became successful in his business and rose above the level of subsistence that traditional family farming and plowing services offered. Jurjus was a very knowledgeable farmer especially in pruning and grafting. He also loved to hunt which he enjoyed in Syria, Akkar and Kaftoun. He kept an Anatolian shepherd dog named Mahyoub (مهيؤب) which was obedient and very protective of him. Jurjus remained in excellent health and virility until his death on December 13, 2008 from complications resulting from coronary desease. He did not like to visit doctors and thus kept his coronary blockage untreated for few years resulting in his death, otherwise his health was in good order.

Jurjus Tannousl Fares

جرجس طنوس فارس

Khalil Hanna Khalil Fares

خليل حنا خليل فارس

Khalil Tannousl Fares

خليل طنوس فارس

Khawla Hanna Fares

خولا حنا فارس

Loubna Afif Hanna Khalil Fares

لبنه عفيف حنا خليل فارس

Louiza Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

لويزه جرجس نخول فارس

Louiza Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

Martha Zaiter Fares

مرتا زعيتر فارس

Martha Zaiter Fares

Mary Fares Khalil Fares

ماري فارس خليل فارس

Mary Fares Fares

Mekhael Elias Nakhoul Fares (Oct 1, 1924 - Nov 11, 2008)

مخايل الياس فارس

Mekhael Elias Nakhoul Fares His mother Martha Zaiter from Boxmaya was 14 years of age when she married his father Elias. Elias was a good looking, strong and outgoing chap. One evening when he was out late at night drinking with his friends and having fun in Boxmaya, he was involved in a drunken brawl and accidentally killed his best friend from Darbaachtar (داربعشتار) after his friend pulled a knife and threatened him. He was sentenced under French rule to 15 years in jail, as the death was not considered accidental, but a crime. He served his jail term in full. Mekhael was taken away from his mother Martha by the Fares family at an age of 6 months. He was raised by his grandmother Naddeh (نده) who was poor and lived and worked in the Kaftoun Monastery. Also by his aunt Rashideh Fares Sowda who had a daughter Abla the same age as him and they both suckled from her bosoms. When he was 5 years of age his grandmother died and he moved permanently to live with his aunt Rashideh's family. His Aunt and her husband Mekhael Sowda from Mina (Tripoli) were very kind to him and raised him as one of their own. He attended elementary school with Salwa Karam. At the age of 14, Karam Karam found him a janitorial job at American University of Beirut (AUB) and he worked at the West Hall Building. He attended several night courses to study English which were then given by senior AUB students to help low-level staff. At AUB he also trained for and participated in 400-meter running under the direction of Tarabolsi. At AUB he was politically active and formed a worker's union and thus was let go from his position. After AUB he worked in several odd jobs including being a waiter at the Normandy Hotel, Beirut. After that he joind Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC) in Tripoli where he worked until he took early retirement at the age of 56. He married his wife Fadwa in 1951 and got his first child, a son he named Jihad in 1954. Fadwa also worked as a nurse in IPC hospital after graduating from Dr. Boys' Nursing school in Tripoli.

Mekhael was very smart, industrious and fun loving. At IPC he progressed to a good position by continuously learning and improving himself by himself. He possessed a superb engineering mind. In 1961 after the electricity came to Kaftoun he wired many of the Kaftoun houses by himself and for free. Although he could get angry very easily, yet he would also quite down very quickly. Mekhael in his youth had many friends and always hosted them in the evenings for dinners, to play cards or just for company. He raised with Fadwa a family of four and his utmost effort went into educating his children and providing for them. His needs came last while his family needs were always first! His house in Kaftoun was burned down at the beginning of the civil war in 1975 by Phalange militants who came from Boxmaya. This affected him greatly, but a year later he returned to Kaftoun and repaired his house with his own hands.

Although throughout the last 20 years of his life Mekhael suffered from Parkinson's disease, yet he always took care of his own personal needs. He remained strong-willed and optimistic until his death. He died after a fall on Nov 11, 2008 at the graceful age of 84. He was a progressive thinker, a mean backgammon player and a loving father and husband!

Michael Jihad Mekhael Fares (Michael James Fares)

مايكل جهاد مخايل فارس

Michael James Fares

Mounif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

منيف جرجس نخول فارس

Mussira Ibrahim Fares

مسره ابراهيم فارس

Nada Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

ندى جرجس نخول فارس

Nahla Hanna Fares

نهله حنا فارس

Najwa Hanna Fares (Sep 9, 1940 - Jan 7, 2010)

نجوى حنا فارس

Najwa Fares Georges, born in Kaftoun on Sep 9, 1940 to Hanna Fares Fares and Adebah Akkari, the faithful wife of Fahim Georges, the beloved mother of Rana, Rima, and Rouba, the loving sister to Adnan, Adib, Khawla, Nahla, Mike, and the previously departed Fares, died January 7, 2010, in Sydney, Australia after a long and courageous battle with bone cancer. She was a great Haute Couture artist who learned her craft in Beirut and practiced it in Australia as well. Her husband Fahim was apprenticing with her in Lebanon when they met and fell in love. She was a very kind and generous individual who always genuinely gave of herself to others.

Nakhleh Hanna Fares

نخله حنا فارس

Nakhoul Tannous Fares

نخول طنوس فارس

Nazih Elias Nakhoul Fares

نزيه الياس نخول فارس

Noname Sister Tannousl Fares

اخت طنوس فارس

Nour Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

نور جرجس نخول فارس

Omar Adib Hanna Fares

عمر اديب حنا فارس

Raghida Mekhael Fares (Raghida Shayban)

راغده مخايل فارس

Rahmeh Elias Jamil Fares

رحمه الياس جميل فارس

Raja Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

رجاء جرجس نخول فارس

Randa Adib Hanna Fares

رنده اديب حنا فارس

Randa Mekhael Fares

رنده مخايل فارس

Rashideh Nakhoul Fares

رشيده نخول فارس

Rashid Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

رشيد جرجس نخول فارس

Rashid Nakhoul Fares

رشيد نخول فارس

Robert Jihad Mekhael Fares (Robert Leo Fares)

روبرت جهاد مخايل فارس

Roula Adib Hanna Fares

رولا اديب حنا فارس

Saada Saba Fares

سعدى سابا فارس

Saba Edmond Fares

سابا ادمون فارس

Saba Jurjus Fares

سابا جرجس فارس

Sally Jihad Mekhael Fares

سالى جهاد مخايل فارس

Samir Elias Nakhoul Fares

سمير الياس نخول فارس

Souhaila Hanna Khalil Fares

سهيلا حنا خليل فارس

Tarek Afif Hanna Khalil Fares

طارق عفيف حنا خليل فارس

Victoria Murshid Najjar

فكتوريا مرشد النجار

Wadad Hanna Khalil Fares

وداد حنا خليل فارس

Wassim Edmond Saba Fares

وسيم ادمون سابا فارس

Yaacoub Elias Nakhoul Fares

يعقوب الياس نخول فارس

Yassir Adnan Hanna Fares

ياسر عدنان حنا فارس

Ziad Adnan Hanna Fares

زياد عدنان حنا فارس

Alaa Nakhleh Fares

علاء نخله فارس

Alaa Nakhleh Fares

Elias Nazih Fares

الياس نزيه فارس

Elias Nazih Fares

Carolle Nazih Fares

كرول نزيه فارس

Carrole Nazih Fares

Sameer Nazih Elias Nakhoul Fares

سمير نزيه الياس نخول فارس

Lesely Yaacoub Elias Nakhoul Fares

لسلي يعقوب الياس نخول فارس

Robert Yaacoub Elias Nakhoul Fares

روبرت يعقوب الياس نخول فارس

Elias Samir Elias Nakhoul Fares

الياس سمير الياس نخول فارس

Elias Samir Elias Nakhoul Fares

Pierre Samir Elias Nakhoul Fares

بيار سمير الياس نخول فارس

George Fares Hanna Fares

جورج فارس حنا فارس

George Fares Hanna Fares

Bassem Fares Hanna Fares

باسم فارس حنا فارس

ABassem Fares Hanna Fares

Rana Khalil Hanna Khalil Fares

رنئ خليل حنا خليل فارس

Rim Khalil Hanna Khalil Fares

ريم خليل حنا خليل فارس

Hunter Toni Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

هنتر طوني انور جرجس نخول فارس

Eduardo Toni Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

ادوارده طوني انور جرجس نخول فارس

Elias Toni Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

الياس طوني انور جرجس نخول فارس

Toni Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

طوني انور جرجس نخول فارس

Zana Adnan Hanna Fares

زانه عدنان حنا فارس

Angie Henry Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

انجى هانري الياس حنا خليل فارس

Majd Henry Elias Hanna Khalil Fares

مجد هانري الياس حنا خليل فارس

Rita Samir Elias Nakhoul Fares

ريتا سمير الياس نخول فارس

George Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

جورج انور جرجس نخول فارس

Anwar George Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

انور جورج انور جرجس نخول فارس

Edwin George Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

ادوين جورج انور جرجس نخول فارس

Michael George Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

ميشال جورج انور جرجس نخول فارس

Laila Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

ليلى انور جرجس نخول فارس

Awatif Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

عواطف انور جرجس نخول فارس

May Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

مي انور جرجس نخول فارس

Nana Anwar Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

نانا انور جرجس نخول فارس

Nicole Issam Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

نيكول عصام جرجس نخول فارس

Elham Mounif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

الهام منيف جرجس نخول فارس

Fadia Mounif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

فاديه منيف جرجس نخول فارس

Michlline Mounif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

مشلين منيف جرجس نخول فارس

NoName Mounif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

بدون-اسم منيف جرجس نخول فارس

Fadi Mounif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

فادى منيف جرجس نخول فارس

Nay Fadi Mounif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

ناى فادى منيف جرجس نخول فارس

Mounif Fadi Mounif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

منيف فادى منيف جرجس نخول فارس

Imad Attif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

عماد عاطف جرجس نخول فارس

Jad Imad Attif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

جاد عماد عاطف جرجس نخول فارس

Sandy Attif Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

ساندى عاطف جرجس نخول فارس

Nada Rashid Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

ندى رشيد جرجس نخول فارس

Manal Rashid Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

منال رشيد جرجس نخول فارس

George Rashid Jurjus Nakhoul Fares

جورج رشيد جرجس نخول فارس



Jurjus Fares

جرجس فارس

Tannous Jurjus Fares

طنوس جرجس فارس

Tannous Khalil Tannous Fares

طنوس خليل طنوس فارس